Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Love Sales.

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately... but it's all been because of great sales that are happening!

Remember how I was contemplating what to do with the award money I got from my Law Review paper? Well, I decided I would spend a little bit of it on a kate spade bag (something I've always wanted but never been able to justify purchasing). But THEN - kate spade had this amazing one-day "surprise sale," and I ended up being able to buy two bags AND a wallet for less than the price of one bag! 

I'm now the proud owner of this...

and this...

and this...

I wear one of those two purses every single day now. I'm absolutely in love. 

Then there was Pottery Barn's "Summer Sale" (still going on), which led me to buy this pillow (just $22!), which I'm planning to put in our bedroom once we redecorate it...

(available here)

...and this pretty little coral (just $14!), which I'm planning to put on a shelf in the craft room:

(available here)

Then Banana Republic had a lot of good stuff on sale, plus I had a 25% off everything coupon, so I ended up with this blouse from the Mad Men collection (for just $15!)...

...and this blazer for just $34! 

...and this shirt for just $25!

[Sidenote: I once had a dream that a bunch of Banana Republic models were following me around with those weird piercing eyes and non-smiles... creepiest thing ever!]

Then there was the Ballard Designs' "15% off our favorite accessories" sale, which was just the push I needed to finally order something I've been eyeing for forever...

Isn't this genius?! It's beautiful AND it saves counter space! I ordered it in the "rust" finish, which is kind of brownish and iron-y. 

[Sidenote: When I told Jeff that I bought a paper towel holder, he was all "You mean that one you've been looking at for six months?! Finally!" It turns out he actually does listen to my endless rambling about home decor.]

Then there's this website that Jeff and I have been looking at for a while, contemplating purchasing a wine storage system for our dining room... and they had a July 4th sale, so now this is on it's way to us in the mail:

Ours will be stained to a mahogany finish, with trim molding added around the bottom... 

So now I think I need to just stop shopping for a while. Or... I'll buy 84 bottles of wine to fill up our new wine rack and then stop. Just kidding. Sort of. 

Anyone else having lots of luck with the 4th of July sales? 

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