Monday, July 9, 2012

Five Things

It's time for another day of five unrelated things on the blog...

1. Napa/San Fran Recommendations?

Jeff and I are taking a trip in August for our 2nd anniversary. We're spending a few days in Napa Valley and a few days in San Francisco. We've already received quite a few recommendations (for Napa wineries especially), but do y'all have any favorite places (restaurants, sights to see, wineries, whatever) that we shouldn't miss? 

2. Southeastern Conference

If you're a football fan, you know that as of last week, Texas A&M officially joined the SEC. South Carolina (Jeff's alma mater) was already in the SEC, so now our teams are actually in the same conference! Although A&M won't be playing South Carolina this year, we're still pretty excited about the upcoming football season! 

Everyone in College Station was super excited about moving to the SEC!

SEC Logo on Kyle Field at Texas A&M

3. Let the Bedroom Decorating Begin...

We were at Ikea, and I found a cute duvet cover on clearance. I went ahead and bought it for our bedroom, thinking I could just return it if I end up finding something else I like more. I did end up finding a couple things at Pottery Barn that I really loved, but Jeff wasn't as into them as I was, and they were rather expensive for a girl who apparently likes to change her comforter every 2 years, and I ended up accidentally throwing away the Ikea receipt, so I decided to just move forward with the cute little Ikea duvet! 

I'm thinking I'll pair it with a greige-ish brown quilt, some crisp white sheets, and some cute texture-y pillows. But honestly, it all depends what I find and fall in love with at HomeGoods. Haha. 

4. Blog Friends in Real Life

Once upon a time, Jeff and I went on an engagement retreat as part of our marriage preparation with the Catholic church. While we were there, I shared a room with a girl named Caitlin, and she happened to be getting married on the same day as us. After our weddings, Caitlin's sister found my blog somehow, and Caitlin ended up reading it, and then I ended up reading her blog, and we commented on each other's blogs and e-mailed back and forth and such, and then Jeff and I moved to the Houston suburb that Caitlin and her husband, Adam, grew up in. Small world, right? 

Anyway, Caitlin and Adam were in town visiting their families, so we got to have them over for dinner (along with their adorable daughter)! So fun. If only they didn't live so far away!

Me and Caitlin with baby Claire

Adam and Jeff with baby Claire

5. Dream House List

The longer we live in this house, the longer our list of requirements for our "forever house" becomes. We absolutely love our current house, so finding a house that we like better than this one will require some pretty cool stuff. Here's what's on our list: (1) some sort of wine cellar (preferably temperature controlled), (2) a fabulous fireplace, (3) two large closets in the master bedroom, (4) a garage with extra space for all of Jeff's tools and such, (5) a large outdoor eating/cooking/hanging out area, (6) at least five bedrooms, (7) at least three and a half bathrooms, (8) two ovens, (9) a pot filler over the stove, (10) a pretty staircase that's perfect for Homecoming/Prom photographs, (11) a library with pretty shelves for lots of books, (11) a big backyard with trees, and (12) hardwood floors. You know, in addition to all the stuff we love about our current house. Surely we can find a house one day with all that, right? I'm willing to compromise on the pot filler if absolutely necessary. Haha - a girl can dream! Oh, and our next house absolutely must have a chandelier that's actually centered over the dining room table (unlike our current one). 

These pictures are from houses for sale near ours, so it is possible... (all photos below from

Big backyard!

Look at the library loft above the study!

Big outdoor living spaces!

Prom staircase!

Oooh, wine cellar! 

So, what do you think of the Ikea duvet? Have any Napa/San Francisco recommendations? Do you have an absolutely ridiculous wishlist for your "forever house"?

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  1. we think it would be so fun to build our dream home and we talk about it all the time!

    one thing we've definitely decided on is having a little room off our bedroom that will be a nursery until all our babies are no longer babies and then we'll turn it into a private office/craft room.