Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Weekend in the Hill Country

Over the weekend, we took a trip out to the Texas Hill Country with some friends. We started out with a four-hour drive from Houston to Fischer, TX (with a quick stop in San Marcos for snacks and drinks). The drive was really pretty... I wanted to pull off at a "scenic overlook" stop on the side of the highway and get some photos of the giant hills, but we were traveling in a group and didn't want to lose everyone.

Those photos don't even come close to doing it justice... ah well! 

We eventually made it to the home of the Blanco River, grabbed some lunch, inflated our tubes, and got in the river! This picture was taken right as I was jumping into the river (hence the crazy hand). 

Here's Jeff about to jump in: 

This is our friend, Caitlin. She has an aunt who owns a house on this private portion of the Blanco River, so we got to float down a totally private river. We only saw a couple people the entire time we were there (SO much better than the crowded public parts of the Blanco and Guadalupe).

We brought a big raft to holds the coolers, snacks, and shoes.

The river moves really slowly for most of the trip, so it was a nice, relaxing afternoon. 

See? Don't I look relaxed? Haha. 

I think Jeff was nice and relaxed too. I just love this photo!

I promise he is actually wearing a swimsuit under there. 

Here's Jeff checking out the water dripping down from a natural spring:

It was raining earlier in the day, so we were worried that the whole trip wouldn't work out, but it turned out to be an absolutely lovely day!

Here's our little group... we all propped our legs up on the cooler raft so we would stick together:

I found one of Target's The Webster bikinis on clearance for just $6.88 per piece... best deal ever! 

Here's the whole group, minus Jared (who was playing photographer)

Here's Jeff and me, just floating down the river.

After we made it to the exit point of the river, we packed up our stuff and drove to beautiful Blanco State Park.

We spent the night camping at the park. I haven't been camping since I was a little girl (at least, not in a tent... I've been in cabins and stuff, but I don't think that really counts). I have really fond memories of camping with my family as a kid, so it was kind of fun to set up the tent and camp as an adult!

Jeff and I slept in that little tent on the right... so cozy! 

There was a thunderstorm nearby that night, so we fell asleep to the sound of light little raindrops on the tent... so peaceful! Plus, the rain cooled everything off, so it didn't even feel like Texas summer! 

In the morning, we went to church at a little Catholic Church in Wimberley, Texas before heading home. I love little town churches... it's just so nice how everyone knows everyone, and they're always so friendly to visitors (probably because it's so obvious which people are visitors...haha). 

So, that was our weekend! We've definitely been making the most of our summer weekends with trips to the lake, the river, College Station, etc. Next weekend we're planning on staying in town, and it'll be so nice just to relax at home! 

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  1. I love this! I used to live in San Marcos and New Braunfels and have floated all of those rivers. You're making me miss living there! :)

    I'm starting a new link party on my blog that is exclusively for traveling and experiencing different places. I'd love it if you'd hop on over and link up this post. Thanks so much!!