Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Trip to Los Angeles!

I always have a hard time making time to write blog entries during the summer. I think it's because the weekends are so busy. Usually, I knock out four or five posts all in one sitting on a Saturday or Sunday and schedule them to post throughout the week. Unfortunately, that strategy doesn't work when your weekends are full of trips and weddings/holidays/birthdays/etc.!

One of those weekend trips happened a couple weeks ago - I went to Los Angeles! The law firm I'm working for sent all their summer associates from all over the country to LA for a few days, so I ended up going on my very first business trip and my very first trip to LA!

We stayed at the Beverly Hilton, and I got my own room because I'm the only female summer associate in the Houston office!

We spent most of our time there at the hotel (listening to various talks and stuff), but there was some fun stuff too. One night we had an 80's themed costume party. Some of us got together and went as the characters from Mario Brothers. 

I had quite a bit of fun being Princess Peach!

There was plenty of good food (and drinks)...

Sprinkles Cupcakes truck

In n Out Burger truck

Some kind of delicious taco truck... I can't remember what it was called!

Dinner at The Churchill in LA

We had a couple hours of free time one day, so we took a quick trip to Rodeo Drive... so many fun stores that I can't afford! Haha. 

So, now I can say I've been to Los Angeles. I feel like I still need to go back and see it again (because we hardly left the hotel while we were there), but it was still fun to get out of the office for a few days and get to know the other summer associates a little better.

Oh, and also, I saw Russell Brand in the hotel. And he was having some sort of marketing party for an upcoming movie. And the party had brownies and cookies and stuff. And there were leftovers, so they were giving them away. And I got to eat one of Russell Brand's brownies. And it was my second-coolest random celebrity encounter ever (the first being when I met one of the Trading Spaces designers in New York and she actually took a picture with me). I know, I know... I'm totally lame. 

I'll get better about the lack of blog posts... I'm just trying to get myself on some sort of blogging routine that works with my current day-to-day schedule!

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  1. How cool!!! I love L.A. I lived there for a summer in college and had the time of my life.