Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Craft Room Plans

We're getting really close to having the craft room all done, which is super exciting! Remember my inspiration board for the craft room?

We ended up finding the desk, along with a matching coffee table, on Craigslist, and we got a great deal on them (and they look brand new!). 

This is the coffee table! 

I ordered some fabrics to use for pillows, chair cushions, curtains, etc...

This will be seat cushions... 

This will be couch pillows...

This will be curtains and/or couch pillows...

This one is actually a sheet set I found at HomeGoods, but I'm going to use the fabric to line the coffee table drawers...

This will be couch pillows! 

Once I had all my fabrics picked out, it was time to head to Ikea to buy the bookshelves and sofa from my inspiration board! When we got there, look what we found:

It's a room almost exactly like my inspiration board! Gray walls, gray rug, same coffee table, same desk, same bookshelves, purple curtains, and the chair version of the sofa I picked! 

Look, the bookshelves! 

Look, the desk! 

It was so fun to see a room all put together with almost the same plans that I had. Great minds think alike, Ikea. 

Once we had the sofa and bookshelves in our possession, it was time to pick a paint color! I laid out all my fabrics and the sofa fabric on the floor, and I tried to pick a swatch that complemented all the fabrics (and looked okay with the carpet too). 

In the end, I had it narrowed down to two - Behr's French Silver, and Behr's Classic Silver.

They look almost exactly the same here... see why it was a hard decision? Haha.

I taped both swatches up on the wall in a few places around the room, and I eventually decided to go with Behr's French Silver (the top one in this photo). 

So I had my fabrics, I had my furniture, and I had my paint color! I played around with some of the decor stuff I already have for the room just to see what it would all look like together...

I love it! 

I want to throw in some shiny textures to make it girly and fun, and some green to balance out all the gray and purple and make it look more fresh. 

I'm really happy with how everything is coming together so far. Next step - painting the room! Stay tuned...

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  1. all the fabric is so pretty! i can't wait to see it all come together!