Monday, June 18, 2012

Craft Room: Painted and Furnitured!

The craft room is now painted! What a difference it made too... I'm absolutely in love with the gray. SUCH an improvement. I'm also loving all the Ikea furniture. So far, so good with this room! 

Here's my pretty gray craft room in its almost-finished state:

Here are the fabrics that I'm using for pillows and seat cushions:

This little nook still needs some curtains. The chair on the left has a finished seat cushion, but I still need to do the other one. I think I'm going to refinish the chairs in a similar dark wood (the current finish is faded and scratched, so they need to be refinished, but I really like the color so I think I'll stick with it). 

Here's my sewing machine desk! I spray painted that chair in a purple that I thought was perfect, but it's SO NOT perfect. Haha. I'm planning on repainting it something darker and moodier (more like the sofa color). Right now it's a little 16-year-old-girl-ish, and it's driving me crazy! Of course, I still need to figure out a better place for the printer too (rather than it's current spot, precariously perched on the filing cabinet). 

I'm SO happy with these bookshelves. I can't wait to put pretty things in the open one and fill the closed one with lots of storage stuff! 

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So, that's where the craft room is at right now! What do y'all think? I'm super excited to hang things on the walls, make some pillows and seat cushions, get organized in there, and replace the light fixture. Lots to do! 


  1. I can't wait to see finished pics!

  2. Curious where you found the bookshelf??

    1. The bigger bookshelves are from Ikea. The little one under the window is a cheapo from Wal-Mart or something (Jeff used to have it in his college dorm).

  3. i love it! makes me want to paint every room in my home gray. although, honestly, i probably won't be doing any painting for a while. can't wait to see the next steps!