Monday, May 28, 2012

Time Off

After finishing finals for the spring semester, I had a blissful 10 days off before starting work on the 21st. Here's the recap:

Day 1: I had lunch with Jeff and Jeff's mom and Jeff's grandparents (who were in town for a short visit). I had appointments with the dentist and optometrist, and ended up having to wear my glasses for two weeks because of an eye infection.

Day 2: I slept through most of the morning (which was glorious after a couple weeks of very little sleep every night), and then I went out and bought Mother's Day presents for our moms. I also went on a giant grocery shopping extravaganza (we were way overdue on that as well). SO NICE to have the fridge and pantry stocked with real food! 

Day 3: Mother's Day - we got up early and drove to Cypress for the day. My mom wanted to celebrate with breakfast and Dark Shadows at the Movie Tavern, so we did!

Crazy movie, but we had a good time. :) 

My mom opened her Mother's Day gifts back at the house, and in the afternoon we left and headed over to Jeff's parents' house. We took Jeff's parents out for a Mother's Day dinner at Cafe Red Onion (one of our favorite Houston restaurants) and had a great time. 

Day 4: I went shopping with my mom and sister. All day. We got to the Outlet Mall at 9:50 only to find out that the shops don't open until 10:00am. So we planned out our route for ten minutes, and then we shopped, shopped, and shopped some more! I was in dire need of some more fancy business clothes for work, and Kristen also has a summer job that she needed new clothes for, so we bought a bunch of stuff! We stayed there until it was time to pick up my other little sister, Karoline, from school. 

Karoline had a choir concert that evening, so I stuck around for that. We went out to dinner afterward, and Jeff came straight from work and met us for dinner. We ran into one of Jeff and my high school band directors at the restaurant - what a blast from the past!

Day 5: I had another doctor's appointment, and I finally started cleaning the house. I had seriously neglected housework for two weeks or so during finals, and I felt SO much better to have the house all spic and span again. Finals season is tough, but it makes you appreciate things like a stocked fridge and clean house SO MUCH.

I got a Garfield band-aid because I didn't cry when they took my blood at the doctor's office. 

That evening Jeff and I had to go have our picture taken at church for a new church directory (wait till I show your our photo... it's so awkward and ridiculous-looking!).

See the ones with the couples where the man is sitting and the woman is awkwardly standing behind him? That's what ours is like. 

Day 6: I ended up having to drive the 45 minutes to Cypress again for a kidney ultrasound. When I went for my regular physical/check-up with the doctor, my blood pressure was really high, and he was really worried that I might have some sort of kidney disease (because 22-year-old skinny people don't normally have high blood pressure), so he sent me for a kidney ultrasound. It was kind of funny actually... it was just like the ones they do on pregnant women, complete with the weird gel and the triangle-shapped grainy photos. I told the technician that I though my husband should be there for this. Haha! It turns out everything was fine. I think it was just the stress of law school finals making my blood pressure high.

While I was in Cypress, I got to have lunch with Kristen and my mom again! Then I spent a glorious afternoon at Hobby Lobby and Target, where I fell in love with this Privet House serving bowl (but didn't buy it because the only one left had a little crack in it):

That evening, we went to Ikea to purchase the sofa and bookshelves for the craft room. I was SO excited. They're actually running a special right now that gives you 15% of any couch purchase back in an Ikea gift card, so now I have $90 to spend at Ikea! Oh, and I joined the "Ikea Family" club, and we got a free ice cream cone!

Day 7-8: I ran a bunch of errands. I did a bunch of laundry. I went to a few stores to pick up paint samples for the craft room. I spent a good couple of hours playing around with paint chips and fabric in the craft room, and I think I've landed on somewhat of a vision for the room. I'm excited to get started making it happen! I also finished cleaning the house, and did some meal planning for the next week.

Craft Room Things!

I also got to pick Karoline up from school and hang out with her for a few hours. We went and got frozen yogurt, and then we went to her horseback riding class! 

Yay, Karoline!

Day 9: I started the morning in Highland Village (a fancy shopping center by our old apartment). I went to Banana Republic (and oddly enough, left without buying anything), wandered through the new Restoration Hardware showroom (so beautiful!), and scrutinized all the bedding options at Pottery Barn (we're trying to pick something new for our master bedroom). I stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes on the way out and brought home three - red velvet, black-and-white, and banana.

We had Jeff's parents, Jeff's brother Tim, and Tim's girlfriend Emily over for dinner. It was so nice to catch up with everyone (Tim and Emily just got home from college, so we haven't seen them in a while).

Day 10: We got up and went to morning church, which never happens. Usually we're 5:30pm Mass people. Jeff and I made a calzone for lunch with pepperoni and red onion and pineapple, and we loved it. I'll have to get a recipe on the blog soon. We went to Cypress again for a birthday party for a good family friend of Jeff's, and came back home in time for me to get a good night's rest before my first day of work! 

Whew. That was a long update! I promise I'll tell you a bit about my job soon, and stay tuned for craft room updates! 

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