Monday, May 21, 2012

Nutella Mug Cake

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet. I love the concept of mug cakes because you can make just a little dessert without having 7/8 of a cake leftover, but I rarely find one that really tastes as delicious as an actual cake. This one is an exception though... it's absolutely divine!

Recipe adapted from here.

4 tbsp self-rising flour
4 tbsp sugar
1 large egg
3 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp Nutella
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp olive oil
Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or whatever toppings you want!

1. Combine all ingredients (except the whipped cream and toppings) in a large coffee mug. Find the largest mug you have... this is not a cake for tiny mugs! Stir it all up with a fork until it's smooth.
2. Stick the mug in the microwave and microwave on high power for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes. Mine took 1 1/2, but it will vary depending on your microwave wattage.
3. Cool for a couple minutes, then top with a little whipped cream and chocolate sauce and eat!


(ingredients in the mug)

(all stirred up)

(finished cake - perfect size for two people to share!)


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