Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Back!

I am DONE with finals! Adios, 2L! 

I've done the whole law school finals thing four times now, and I think this time I handled it the best. Rather than feeling guilty and horrible when I don't have time to cook and clean during finals, this semester I just decided that for two weeks, I wouldn't clean and I would only cook easy, simple stuff. And it worked. The house is still standing. We aren't starving. And I didn't have to feel guilty for not having time to do those things because I had already decided not to do them. I should've been doing finals this way from the beginning. 

My sweet mother brought made dinner for us twice, which I beyond appreciated. My sweet husband cooked breakfast tacos and grilled chicken sausage and ordered Chinese food and managed to keep us fed. And he did all the dishes every night. And the cleaning? Well that didn't get done at all for two weeks. But it's nothing I can't fix in the next couple of days. At one point I actually told my mother-in-law that we were "living in our own filth," but I was exaggerating. It wasn't that bad. 

Anyway, I took four finals and I feel pretty good about three of them (and pretty horrible about one), but this is law school, so how I felt about the test has absolutely no relation to what my grade will be (as proven by last semester's grades).

As soon as I was done, I came home and showered and slept (both things that I hadn't been doing as often as I'd like), and then I fixed my hair and put on makeup and told Jeff that I finally felt like a person again (rather than a studying, outline-writing robot), and we went out for Mexican food and margaritas. 

Look! I'm a real person with blow-dried hair and real clothes! 

Maybe it's just because I hadn't drank anything but water and Ocean Spray sparkling cranberry juice for two weeks, but that margarita was so, so good! 

I have nine days off before I start work, so I'm squeezing in all my doctor's appointments during this little break. Today, I went to the dentist and the optometrist. At the dentist, I found out that I have the first cavity of my life. It's actually been a long time coming. When I was in college, I was trying to live off my clarinet teacher income (I had a great scholarship from A&M that paid for all my school stuff and then paid me more money, but I was trying to save up all my scholarship money and pay for my rent/food/gas/bills with my teaching income), so I was being pretty frugal about things. I bought the cheapest toothpaste I could find, and I used it for a good year or so, and then I went to the dentist, and he told me I had an "almost cavity." I immediately bought a better toothpaste (it turns out fluoride is actually kind of important), but the damage was already done. The next three times I went to the dentist (even after I switched to our new dentist by the new house), they kept telling me I had an "almost cavity." I've been using prescription extra-fluoride toothpaste a bajillion times a day and flossing religiously for years to avoid it turning into a real one. But today, my dentist finally told me that we need to just go ahead and fill it. After three years of "almost," it's real. I feel like such a dental hygiene failure. I've never had a cavity. I was so proud of that. Perfectionist Katie is unreasonably upset by the whole thing. And I'm scared of getting a filling...

At the optometrist, I found out that I have something called Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. It's not anything I could have prevented, but now I have to put steroid drops in my eyes every four hours and wear glasses for a couple weeks. I hate my glasses, so this should be loads of fun. Oh, and from now on I have to use this super fancy no-preservative contact solution to prevent it from happening again. 


So now I'm dreading my regular physical appointment on Tuesday. Who knows what that doctor will tell me I have wrong with me! But, as my mom says, it's better to have ten little health problems than one really big one! 

So, how's everyone's life going? Did any of y'all have finals too? Doesn't it feel so good to be done? Isn't it nice that my mother-in-law doesn't judge me when I tell her we're living in our own filth? Haha. 

Oh, and can someone convince me that fillings are nothing to be afraid of? I'm scared.

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