Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why We Had to Put a Ladder in Our Bathtub

I haven't had time to type up an Easter recap yet. So sorry. We'll just call it "fashionably late," okay?

But for now - I have to show you my new favorite house project!

Our master bathroom used to look like this:

But now - it looks like this!

Isn't it crazy what a big difference curtains can make? I mean seriously... I just love those high-hanging panels of white!

(Sidenote: It is SO HARD to get good photos of windows/curtains, especially when they're semi-sheer like these!)

Pretty soon after we moved in, I started envisioning some long, flowy curtains hung way up high above the bathtub. Then I stumbled upon a lovely little oil rubbed bronze curtain rod at HomeGoods, and I found the perfect curtains at Ikea, and the picture in my head became reality!

The curtains are Ikea's Matilda (just $25 for two panels!). Aside from buying fabric and DIYing, I think Ikea curtains really are the best deal around. You get two panels for one price, and they come 98" long with hemming tape so you can get the perfect length. We have really tall ceilings throughout our house, so standard 84" curtains never work.

I particularly love the fabric of these... it's light and airy (perfect for a bathroom), and I love the dainty little texture:

I think the white fabric really brightens up the room (even though it covers a bit of the window), and I love how it looks against the tan tile of our shower:

I normally don't love tab-top curtains, but with a light fabric like this, the tabs create little faux-pleats in the curtain when you push them together. Love it!

I hemmed them an inch or two above the bathtub. I figured they should be out of the way of any water splashes, and this way I can easily get under them when I clean the tub.  

Overall, I just love it! I get so happy when I walk into our bathroom in the mornings. Somehow they make the room seem taller and more luxurious, which I love! 

Does anyone else have long curtains in a bathroom? I felt a little weird doing long panels (rather than just a valence or something), but I love it so much! What do you think?

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