Friday, April 27, 2012

So Confused...

One week from today, I take my first final for this semester. I just have four this time around, but all four are cumulative, 100%-of-my-grade tests, so I'm just a teensy bit stressed out. By "just a teensy bit," I mean I'm going crazy and I haven't straightened my hair in over four days and there are crumbs on the floor in my kitchen but I'm accepting it because vacuuming is so not a priority right now.

I hate finals. They were always fine in undergrad, but law school finals are so totally different and horrible. Anyway, posting will probably be light until I'm done on May 9th, at which point I'll have successfully finished two-thirds of law school and be very, very happy! 

But, I just have to share this one little situation with y'all because it has me so confused! So a couple weeks ago we got a letter in the mail. It was addressed to Jeff, so I saved it so he could open it. It was just a few days after his birthday, so I figured it was a birthday card for him. I looked to see who it was from, but there was no return address on the card.

When Jeff opened it, inside was our Christmas card. The one we sent out last December. No note, no anything... just our Christmas card. There's no return address. It was postmarked in Dallas, TX, which is extra weird because we don't have any family in Dallas. Fort Worth, yes, and cities surrounding Dallas, yes, but we can't figure out who would've mailed anything from Dallas!

Here's my hypothesis: someone got our Christmas card in December and saved the envelope so he/she could have our address at the new house. Then, that same someone wanted to send Jeff a birthday card, and he/she pulled out our Christmas card to get our address off the envelope. Then, somehow, the birthday card got mixed up with the Christmas card, the wrong one went into the envelope, and our Christmas card ended up getting mailed to us instead of the birthday card. 

Does that make sense? It seems possible but unlikely to me. Plus, I can't figure out the whole Dallas thing.  Neither one of us recognizes the handwriting on the address, so that's no help either. I'm completely stumped! 

Any ideas on what might have happened, or what I can do to figure out this mystery? It's driving me crazy! 


  1. Someone got your card by accident and mailed it back would be my guess. Just took them a bit and they're creepy because they didn't put a return address or explanation!

  2. Jeff's name is no one close...Jeffery instead of Jeffrey.

    1. Yeah, but it has to be someone close enough to know that his full name is Jeffrey (or else they would've just put Jeff). Quite a puzzle!

  3. Strange. Let us know if you figure it out!