Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia! 

Happy Easter!

We're spending this weekend celebrating Easter with our families (we had 21 people at our house for a big family dinner last night!). I hope you're all having a lovely weekend too and rejoicing in the meaning behind the holiday!

I was way behind on taking photos of my Easter decor this year, but I finally did it a few days ago, and here are the pictures!

On the front door...

The front hall table

Bunny and bird!

DIYed this super quickly to stick on the hallway table...

Dining Room Table

Dining Room Console Table

I DIYed the bunny and chick, and I got the "He is Risen" printable from here

Spring flowers on the kitchen table!

So pretty!

On the entertainment center above the TV...

In the kitchen... Easter bear, Easter M&Ms, Easter egg letters, and a Palm Sunday palm cross!

What's a holiday without peanut M&Ms?

And of course, there's my new DIY Easter wreath on the front door!

That's it! Have a lovely Easter Sunday! 

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