Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 2012

Every year in Houston we have a big rodeo. There's the rodeo, and then there's all the food, carnival rides, concerts, exhibits, and fun things that go along with it. It's pretty much awesome.

This year Jeff and I couldn't agree on which concert we wanted to see (Zac Brown Band or the Band Perry), so we went ahead and just bought tickets for two nights! 

Last Monday, we headed down to Reliant Stadium just in time to catch the end of the rodeo stuff (Bull Ridin' and Barrel Racin'!), and then we watched Zac Brown Band do an amazing show. 

On Wednesday, we went to the rodeo again, except this time Jeff took a half-day of vacation from work and we went down there around 1:00pm so we could play all day!

We started off with the baby animal exhibit (my favorite). 


So cute!!

Little piglets crawling all over each other to get to their momma!

See the baby calf in the hay? Too cute!

This is a very pregnant cow. 

I think the piglets are my favorite. They're so squirmy! We took a walk over to the sheep exhibit as well...

A lot of the sheep are visiting from Texas A&M. Aggie sheep are my favorite!

This one's so hairy and scraggly!

I made Jeff brave the crowd of small children with me so we could see the hatching chicks...

This little guy finally made it out! Such hard work!

Once the chicks get out of their eggs, they put them in a separate warming container and the poor chicks are all so tired that they just plop down into little piles of chick fluff:

So cute!

I told Jeff I wanted to take one home but he wouldn't let me.

We spent quite a bit of time watching the older chicks (these ones are a day or two older than the fluffy pile ones):

I think they like the light on my camera... as soon as I held it up to the glass they started swarming at me!

So cute!

Sigh. Baby animals are the best. We also walked through the more random rodeo exhibits... like, you know, mattresses. And cars.

There was a little old lady actually sleeping on one of these. Too funny.

Of course, Jeff was most excited about seeing the rooster (you know, because of the South Carolina Gamecocks and all). 

Our non-photographically-documented rodeo adventures included trying on cowboy boots at various Western wear vendors, browsing in shops with Western-style furniture and Western-style home decor, and watching a high school FFA kid drag his badly behaved pig across the exhibit hall. Lesson Learned: pigs make really loud, weird noises when they're angry.

After we saw everything in the exhibit hall, we made our way over to the food! A couple of BBQ sandwiches were had, and then it was time for fried dessert! I went with my favorite, the fried Oreos!

So, so good!

Jeff branched out to try something new and got a fried oatmeal creme pie.

It was good, but nowhere near as good as the fried Oreos! 

Delicious Oreo goodness!

Once we were sufficiently stuffed with rodeo food, we made our way into the stadium to watch the rodeo events! We had a great view of the waiting rodeo animals.

We've been to the rodeo often enough in the last few years that I'm starting to recognize the cowboys. I remember their names and I remember who did really well in past years. As a proud Texan, I consider this to be a substantial accomplishment!

Once all the rodeo events were done, it was time for the Band Perry! My camera battery died and wouldn't let me snap any photos while they were performing, but I did manage to get this one of Jeff and me:

Have I mentioned how much I love it when my husband wears his cowboy boots? I just think Cowboy Jeff is so cute!! 

Anyway, the Band Perry put on a great show as well. We were glad we decided to go on Monday AND Wednesday! You can never have too much rodeo. :) I can't wait to go back next year! 

PS - here's last year's rodeo recap (where I explain some of the different rodeo events and post even more baby animal photos)!


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