Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Things

First of all, I'm terribly sorry to those of you who follow with Google Reader... I accidentally hit "Publish" instead of "Save" on a post I was starting on a recipe for Blueberry French Toast last night, and I'm pretty sure it went ahead and sent a blank post to all of your Google Readers. Oops. Don't worry though, I'll have that recipe typed up and posted soon!


It's finally Friday! I'll be spending my weekend finishing up a giant paper (the 80 pages that I've been working on since October are getting turned in for the final time on Monday!) and working on Law Review stuff, but at least I get to be at home while I do it!

I kept thinking of random little things to blog about this week, none of which were important enough for a post of their own, so I went ahead and stuck them all in one post together. Here are five (pretty random) things:

1. Plants
I get really sad when plants stop flowering. The flowers dry up and fall off, and I always feel like I killed the plant. Jeff reminds me that they're supposed to stop flowering eventually and that the leaves are still alive, but it still makes me sad. Plus, I end up with plants that look ridiculous:

This Flaming Katie plant (yes, I bought it because of the name) used to have a bunch of dainty pink flowers...

I've also been irrationally worried all winter that our crape myrtle tree is dead, even though every other crape myrtle in the city also has no leaves. I'll be really relieved when it comes back in the spring.

2. Valentine's Day
I forgot to take photos and blog about my Valentine's Day decor, and I already put it all away. Oops. We kind of skipped Valentine's Day entirely when Uncle Bill passed away, so it totally slipped my mind.

We did decide to have a "make-up" Valentine's Day last Thursday. Jeff brought me tulips (my favorite), we went out to a hibachi restaurant for dinner (where we both ate entirely too much), and then we had a Grey's Anatomy marathon to catch up on the last few weeks of episodes that were sitting in our DVR (aren't I a lucky girl to have a husband that likes Grey's?).

I love tulips!

3. Lent
What a wonderful time of year. I love having a season dedicated to refocusing my life on Jesus. I'm doing a few different things this year for Lent, but the one thing I'm "giving up" is music/radio in the car. This is the third year I've done it, and this year will definitely be the hardest because my drive to and from school is longer now that we're in the new house! It's about 45-60 minutes each way, so it's a great amount of time to use for prayer, reflection, or phone calls to family and friends that I sometimes don't talk to often enough.

Jeff's giving up Twitter. He follows a lot of sports writers and sports bloggers and he's gotten pretty bad about checking it on his phone all the time, so he went ahead and deactivated it until Easter.

Speaking of Lent, I've got some yummy seafood recipes coming up!

4. Bedding
I've been casually looking at bedding for our master bedroom. We're planning on redecorating it this summer, so I'm just starting to browse a bit. Here are some pretty ones I have my eye on so far...

I just love the pretty pattern on this one and the soft aqua color...

@ Bed Bath & Beyond

This next one is Robert Allen Home (like our current bedding), which makes me love it. I've been really happy with the quality of our bedding and the weight of the comforter, so I'd be happy to buy another Robert Allen Home set!

also @ Bed Bath & Beyond

The other one I'm loving is Pottery Barn's Lewis Paisley duvet cover:

5. Birds
The sidewalk in our neighborhood goes through a lake by our house. The other day, the lake walkway was completely FILLED with birds. There were so many birds that Jeff actually stopped the car on our way out of the neighborhood so I could get out and snap a photo. There were just SO MANY of them!

I scared some of them and they started to fly away...

But seriously... SO. MANY. BIRDS.

The next day, the walkway was covered in vast amounts of bird poop. We haven't seen the birds since. 

So, do any of you get sad when your plants stop flowering? Did you have a bird convention near your house? Which of those bedding options is your favorite? Are y'all giving anything up for Lent?

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