Monday, February 6, 2012


Over the weekend, my parents had to take our dog, Mimi, to be put down. She was very old and in a lot of pain and very confused and scared all the time, so it had to be done, but it was still sad. We've been expecting that this time would come for a while now, and I did get the chance to say goodbye and give her a hug, but I'm still feeling a sort of grief and loss.

My 17th birthday party - 2006

We got Mimi when I was in first grade. We had just moved back to Texas from England, and my little sister and I got to pick her out from the litter of puppies. She was tiny, the runt of the litter with a horrible underbite, but Kristen and I loved her instantly and we were so excited when my mom agreed that she was the one we would take home. I wish I had a photo of her from those early years on my computer... her hair was vividly colored and silky smooth, and she was all spritely and perky.

Over the years, we dressed her up in baby doll clothes, we put in our toy strollers and wagons, and she played along and loved us the entire time. Once, when Mimi was just a puppy, she peed in Kristen's bed. We didn't tell Mom because we knew Mimi would get in trouble. Instead we put a bunch of water and hand soap on Kristen's sheets and we hoped Mom wouldn't notice until after she did the laundry. Luckily, Kristen had bunk beds and slept in the other bunk for a few days. :)

When Kristen and I got older, we were given the job of making sure Mimi had food and water. We learned to give her baths and brush her fur. There's nothing like a childhood pet to teach children about responsibility! Mimi loved just being with our family. She would follow my mom around the house just so she could be with someone, and when Mom was gone she'd follow whoever happened to be home.

Easter 2007

When my littlest sister Karoline was born, Mimi was so sweet with her. Whenever baby Karoline cried, Mimi would run over as if she was trying to find out what was wrong and fix it. Once Karoline got a little older, she started carrying Mimi around the house in her arms like a baby, and Mimi just let her do it. She was an easygoing dog.

She got very old and blind and deaf and frail in the last year or so, but I'll always remember the spunky little dog we played with and loved for so many years.

Thank you, Mimi, for 15 years of love and wonderful memories!


  1. I hope you feel better! I know what it's like to really love a dog like family now!

  2. Im sorry for your loss! It is always hard losing a dog who was like family.

  3. aw, i'm so sorry, katie! she was SO cute!