Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day in the Life: Wednesday

Because my schedule varies so much throughout the week, I decided to do a Wednesday "Day in the Life" post to go with my Tuesday post

Here's my Wednesday:

7:20 I wake up (late). It's another "good enough" hair day. I get ready for school, make my coffee, and grab my yogurt. Today I'm having strawberry yogurt.

7:58 I leave for school. Somehow I end up two minutes ahead of schedule even after waking up 20 minutes late. It's a Wednesday miracle!

8:40 I arrive at school. I'm a little early, so I sit in the car and drink coffee for five minutes and just relax for a second, then I gather up all my many textbooks and go in. 

9:00 Time for Business Organizations class. We're talking about partnerships. I listen and take notes, but I also play on Pinterest a bit and go through my email inbox (how did I get so many emails overnight?).

10:30 Trusts and Wills class. It's in the same classroom as Bus Org, so I just stay put. I feel smart because we're talking about stuff that I already know from my summer job at the Probate Court last summer. Wills and Intestate Transfer = my baby lawyer area of expertise.

11:50 I'm done with class, and I head down to the basement to meet a 1L from Corporate & Taxation Law Society. He paid his dues, but somehow never got a t-shirt, so I'm meeting him to give him one.

12:00 I decide to stay in the CTLS office to study, and I start reading for my 2:30 class (Professional Responsibility). It's going to be a time crunch to get it all done before class.

12:30 I finish reading from my first Pro Res textbook, and I head out to my car (in the pouring rain and crashing thunder) to retrieve the second one from my back seat. I make the trip without getting too drenched, and I continue reading from the second Pro Res textbook.

1:00 I take a break from my Pro Res reading to meet with one of the 3L Law Review editors. All of the 2Ls have to apply for a 3L editor position for next year, so I've been meeting with the current 3Ls to learn more about the different positions and figure out which one(s) I want to apply for. The applications are due tomorrow, so I'm running out of time to decide!

1:30 I finish the meeting and go back to reading for class... I've got an hour left, and more than an hour's worth of reading.

2:10 I realize I never ate lunch, and I don't have time to eat and finish my reading for class. Reading trumps hunger.

2:20 I finish the Pro Res reading - just in the nick of time too. I say a little prayer that I don't get called on in class because I read pretty quickly and skimmed the end to finish in time.

2:30 I'm in class, and the professor announces the three "on call" students. Surprise! One of them is me. Out of a class of 75 students, I'm one of the three. Go figure. I do pretty well though. I only said "I don't know" once, and the other two people on call didn't know either.

4:00 Done with Pro Res. I'm tired and want to go home. I take a quick break to chat with some Law Review people about our Board applications (we get to nominate 5 people for something, so we're all trying to figure out who wants what so we can help out our friends!).

4:20 FINALLY time for lunch. This means I'm probably not eating dinner before my 7:30 class. Oh well. I take my food to the CTLS cubicle. Reading for Oil and Gas commences.

5:00 I'm sick of being at school. I take a quick Pinterest break. I work on my Law Review board application and realize its going to take longer than expected.

6:30 I stop working on the board application because I really have to finish reading for Oil & Gas.

7:20 It's just about time for class, and I've almost finished the reading. Close enough!

9:10 Class gets out (15 minutes late... thanks professor).

9:20 I'm on my way home!

9:45 I arrive home (late evening traffic is nonexistent, so the drive was super-quick) and reheat some of yesterday's frittata for dinner. I stand in the garage and eat while Jeff puts new windshield wiper blades on our cars (we don't get much time together on Mondays/Wednesdays, so I have to steal every second of chatting time that I can get!).

10:00 I sit down on the couch with Jeff, a glass of wine, and The Bachelor on DVR (ever since I got hooked while Jeff was on a business trip, we're watching it). Normally, I'd have to read for my Thursday morning class on Wednesday night, but my professor has cancelled it this week, so I get to relax instead!

11:40 The Bachelor finishes. We get ready for bed and go to sleep. I'm waking up at 7:00 again tomorrow (even though my 9:00am class is cancelled, parking is impossible if you get there after 9:00 am, so I still have to leave at the same time). I fall asleep VERY quickly.


  1. it sounds like you spend about as much time doing law review stuff as you do studying! my concept of law review basically comes from movies, which have led me to believe that everyone wants to be on the law review because it's really prestigious. do you think it's worth all the work?

    1. You're totally right. 2L year would be SO easy if I wasn't doing Law Review. Is it worth it? Well... I'm going to have a great job when I graduate because I'm on Law Review. Most of the big firms won't even interview non-Law Review students. I would guess that the average starting salary for the Law Review graduates is at least $50K higher than the average for non-Law Review graduates. Of course, it's totally different at a highly-ranked school like Harvard or Yale (where pretty much everyone can get a good job).

      I am going to get 7 hours of class credit for it at the end of next year, so that's a benefit, but it's way more time-consuming that 7 hours of actual classes would be. I guess it'll look good on a resume down the road too. I'm glad I did it though... I've been able to get to know a lot of wonderful, smart, dedicated people through Law Review, and I think that's been the biggest benefit!