Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craft Room Plans

I know I've already shared some brainstorms about the craft room, but I've been thinking a lot more about it lately and I pretty much have a plan finalized. It's totally different than anything I said last time we talked about it (for example, I did a total 180 on wanting a desk against a wall, and on Scrabble art). That's why I spend so much time thinking about a room before I do anything... I change my mind a million times before I figure out what I really want! 

Currently, my house decorating priority list is kind of like this:
  1. Finish the piano room. This is basically just sewing curtains and hanging some art on the long, empty wall. 
  2. Finish up the laundry room. I'm actually really close to this, and I can't wait to show it to you!
  3. Find something to do with the walls in the entryway. I have one giant wall and one smaller wall, and I just can't seem to figure out what I want there!
  4. Totally re-do our master bedroom and move the master bedroom stuff into the second guest bedroom. This is a BIG one. It's going to require quite a few dollars, so we're waiting until this summer when we'll be a double-income couple. It's basically the total redecorating of two entire rooms (and probably the accompanying bathrooms), so it's gonna take a while.
  5. The craft room.
Considering how far down on the list the craft room is, I really shouldn't be daydreaming about it just yet. But I am. I have it all planned out already. 

Here's what it looks like currently...

... and here's my idea board for what it will look like one day!

Pretty, right?

This is the one place in the house where I can decorate all girly and cute. Jeff has veto power on the rest of the house, and he routinely vetoes anything purple, pink, or flowery. So, I want it to be feminine and cute! 

I also want to avoid spending a ton of money on this room because (1) it feels selfish to spend a bunch of our money on it because it's really pretty much my room, and (2) I know when we eventually start having kids, the craft room will probably be the first thing we get rid of to make room for a nursery. 

So, let's talk about the plan! I want to paint the whole room a lovely shade of light gray, which I think will look just lovely with our glossy white trim. Then, I want to use a bunch of stuff we already have, and go on a giant Ikea shopping spree!

The wall under the slanted roof is where the purple sofa will go. Or maybe two chairs instead of a sofa. I'm still deciding. I just want it to be a place where I can read and study. Those two white Pottery Barn frames will hang above it (with the mats re-painted in an eggplant color and new pictures in the openings).

Ikea Ektorp sofa

Close-up of my frames!

In front of the sofa will be the gray and white rug (which I may or may not have already purchased because it's so cheap!) and maybe a white coffee table.

Ikea rug

Ikea's Liatorp coffee table
I really love this one because you can pull out that drawer and put stuff in the four compartments under the glass!

Okay, let's talk about the wall with the door. To the left of the door, I want to hang the purple file holder (an amazing HomeGoods find!). 

To the right of the door, I want to put a couple filing cabinets (possibly spray paint some we already have so they match... we'll see!). Above that, I'm planning on hanging these floral prints (I found them on clearance at Target and just couldn't leave without them!).

I'm also trying to convince myself that it isn't totally insane to do this to my closet door:

Moving on... let's talk about the window alcove!

Eventually, I want this to be the home of a crafting table. I like this one from Ikea:

I already have four chairs (we bought them at the furniture auction for less than $10 each!).

I actually have the fabric and batting for the seats ready to go... it's a gray-on-darker-gray patterned fabric, and I'm excited about it! I just need to get some eggplant-colored spray paint for the wood!

For the window, I'm in love with this curtain from Urban Outfitters:

I think I'd do it just like that photo... one panel with a tie-back and a curtain rod with clear knobs on the end. Beautiful! 

Okay, so this picture is what you see when you enter the room. For the wall on the left, I want two of these Ikea bookshelves:

For one of them, I want to buy the doors for it so it looks like this:

Of course, I'd fill the open one up with cute purple and pink and green things. I'd love to put our Penguin Classics collection there too.

The only wall I haven't talked about yet is the one on the right in this photo (across from the wall with the slanted ceiling):

That wall is where I want my desk to go. I'm really enamored with this desk:

On the desk, I'd put my sewing machine and a cute little silver office lamp that I already have... and maybe some pretty things too. :) Above the desk, I want to DIY some art like this:

So, that just about covers it except for one thing.... I want to replace the light with this:

Isn't that the most fun light fixture you've ever seen?!?! I love it. It's kind of expensive for a light (well, compared to what we normally spend on lights), but I think I'll ask for it for my birthday or something. :) 

So, that's the craft room plan! I'm really, really, really excited about it. Like, really excited. Now I just need to go to work and make some money so I can make it happen! I'm hoping we can do it this summer (along with our bedroom and the second guest room... we'll be busy!). 

What do you think? 


  1. Love those ideas. I need to get my butt moving on my craft room too. It's a mess right now minus the fact that we painted it right when we moved in.

    We actually painted our whole upstairs a light gray color and LOVE it against the white trim and doors. We used the color "Wheat Bread" by Behr and I 100% recommend it.

  2. sounds amazing! we have an ektorp sofa and would definitely recommend it. and i love that table! we are hoping to use that as our dining table eventually.

    i have to say, i am excited to read about all your house updates over the summer!