Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ring Photo Scavenger Hunt

I saw this going around, and I just had to do it. I mean... you all know how much I love taking pictures of my wedding rings (or really, of anything little zoomed in with a macro setting. Like bumblebees. Or Christmas ornaments). I think girls should celebrate pretty, romantic things... even after they've been married for quite a while. :o)

Here are my Ring Scavenger Hunt photos (all taken with my Canon point-and-shoot -- you don't need a fancy DSLR to do this!):

1. A picture of your ring on a piece of food.

(on an egg!)

2. A picture of your ring with a piece of jewelry.

(with a pearl necklace, a gift from Jeff for Christmas 2008)

3. A picture of your ring on a fork.

(this was so hard to take a photo of... there was so much light reflecting from the fork and the ring!)

4. A picture of your ring on a tree.

5. A picture of your ring on a light switch.

6. A picture of your ring on a pillow.

(on a pillow on a chair in our living room)

7. A picture of your ring on an instrument.

(I got my clarinet out just to take this photo!)

8. A picture of your ring on a piece of paper that says "I love you."

(our our "I love you because _____" frame in our closet)

9. A picture of your ring on your finger.

10. A picture of your ring on a shoelace.

(on my beloved Sperrys!)

11. A picture of your ring on your favorite purse.

(Does a Coach wristlet count as a "purse?" Either way, it's my favorite!)

12. A creative picture of your ring.

(Not really creative, but I just think it's pretty.)

I think you should all play along! It doesn't have to be a wedding/engagement ring... promise rings and James Avery rings and Aggie rings (or other college rings) and just-plain-pretty rings are all good too (in fact, I might re-do this with my Aggie ring sometime... so fun!). Just put your camera on it's macro setting and shoot away! Leave me a link so I can see yours!


  1. Ummm, I love any excuse to take pictures of my ring! I think I'll have to do this! Yours is so beautiful!

  2. i'm doing this now! so cute.

  3. http://pinotblogio.blogspot.com/2012/01/ring-photo-scavenger-hunt.html

    Thanks for the idea.

  4. Your ring is gorgeous! This is such a cute idea!