Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Guest Room

This is an important post. Well, it is to me at least. It's important because today, I'm going to show you the first room in the new house that is done. The whole house is decorated to the point of looking presentable and being livable and all that, but there's only one room that really feels done to me, and it's the guest room.

The curtains have been hemmed, things are hung on the walls... it's done. Finally having one room in the house done just feels SO good! Of course, there may be crown molding or other such updates down the road, but otherwise... it's finished. One down, fifteen to go!

Here it is... welcome to the guest room!

Okay, now you've got the big picture. Let's talk details. 

The bedding is from Ikea, and I love love love it. The aqua pillow was just the perfect thing to soften up all the red (I looked long and hard before finding that perfect pillow!).

One of my favorite things is the wedding photo wall. It includes wedding photos from our parents, our grandparents, and us, and I plan to add more photos when/if our siblings get married. Really it's more of a "when" than an "if," because I'm pretty sure they all will tie the knot at some point. Hopefully they marry people I like. ;o) Then they can come visit and stay in the guest room and see themselves on the wall. Anyway... where was I? Photo wall?

I just realized I gave the ugliest frame to Jeff and me. I should fix that. You know, since it's our house and all. 

I think little details turn a room from a bunch of square feet into a livable space. This little vignette on the nightstand does it perfectly for me! 

Oh, little clock. You're just adorable and I just love you. 

We had a pair of these curtains from our old apartment, but the window in this room just seemed too petite for more than one panel. So, I hemmed up just one and hung it from a curtain rod with dainty spiral finials. [Behind-the-scenes sidenote: we now use the other curtain panel to cover the backyard plants when it freezes. Betcha that guy's jealous of his twin brother all winter long!]

I love how the thin black stripes on the curtains tie into the furniture!

Circle-shaped mirrors seem to be an above-the-bed trend right now, but I don't mind jumping on the bandwagon. There's something about a mirror that brightens up a room, and a circle is the perfect shape in a room full of furniture with sharp 90 degree angles. I love it! 

The only thing in the room that I don't like is that old TV. But, we figured guests might appreciate having it (and our other option was to basically throw it away, so for now it's staying in here).

I tried to make up for the ugly TV by putting cute things next to it. 

Across from the bed, there's a little desk. 

Again, I love the little details. That aqua hourglass just makes me love the entire desk area 100% more. And I like the little red vase too. It's the little things...

These are vintage records from the University of South Carolina band (which Jeff was part of in college). I think they're cute, and Jeff likes that his alma mater is subtlely represented in the room. Win win. Marital bliss, I tell ya.

That's it! I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out, and it feels good to officially cross at least one room off my to-do list. Now if I could just get around to doing all the other rooms...

Wanna come be our guest? :)


  1. Um, YES I want to be a guest! This is gorgeous Katie! I'm a huge fan of the stick figure print, and you're right, that aqua hourglass is divine! Congrats!

  2. oh, pick me! but seriously, we should totally meet up at some point in the future (perhaps a certain baby can join us...)

    also, three favorite things in this room:

    1. vintage-ish alarm clock
    2. that pretty curtain
    3. your sweet homemade stick figure art

    love it!

  3. It's so funny that you finished your guest bedroom first because that's exactly what happened in our house. I think it's the motivation to have somewhere nice for family and friends to stay that it makes it top of the list. Plus it's a typically a smaller room that's easy to work with.

    I love the black and red in your room! Where did you get the desk? I've been wanting one like that.

    1. The desk is actually from Wal-Mart! I love it, and it's really sturdy/heavy (especially for being from Wal-Mart! haha).

  4. Hi Katie,

    You're room looks really nice. I have a bit of a clock fetish, so I like the clock :)

  5. what a cute room! i really love what you did!