Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

The Christmas season is always a busy one, but this year we completely filled it up with LOTS and LOTS of events! I finished finals on December 16th, and pretty much right after that we started a long string of family gatherings and celebrations (some Christmas-related, some not).

Before I get into the Christmas recaps, I've got to share all the things we were busy with right before Christmas! We'll go in chronological order...

Sunday, December 18th - Celebrating Mom's Birthday in Galveston
My mom's birthday is December 20th, and we usually try to do something fun with the whole family to celebrate. This year, we went to Galveston Island, rode the ferry, had a yummy seafood dinner, shopped on The Strand for a bit, and saw "A Tuna Christmas" at Galveston's Grand Opera House.

My parents on the ferry

Sisters, me, and Jeff on the ferry

After dinner

Dad playing around in a shop on the Strand... Gig 'em Aggies!

Merry Christmas from Galveston!

I love my sisters!

Mom and Dad

In the Grand Opera House

Such cute renovations!

We had SUCH a great time in Galveston. Jeff, my sister, and I were just SO excited to be done with finals, the show was absolutely wonderful, and my mom was really happy to have everyone together for her birthday. 

Monday, December 19th - Katie & Jeff's Christmas Dinner
I really like to cook, but we always have to be at other people's houses for holidays. I always feel like I'm missing out on the whole hosting and preparing meals experience. So this year I decided to just find an open evening and make a big Christmas dinner for our little family of two. The Menu: fancy cheeses and crackers for appetizers, pork tenderloin stuffed with apples, pecans, blue cheese, etc., parmesan roasted broccoli, rosemary olive oil bread, raspberry chocolate mousse cake, and wine! It was a lot of food for just the two of us, but we enjoyed it and it was fun!

Tuesday, December 20th - Jeff's Dad's Anniversary Luncheon
Jeff's dad recently hit a big milestone - 30 years of work for his company! To honor his service, the company hosted an anniversary luncheon, and he got to invite coworkers, friends, and family. It was at a really nice steakhouse in Cypress, and I got to put on a dress and be pretty for it (which I really enjoyed after a week of no makeup and frizzy hair during finals). It was a lovely event... there were beautiful floral centerpieces, a slideshow of photos of Jeff's dad, delicious food, and even a professional photographer (still waiting for the pro photos)!

Jeff, me, and Jeff's brother Matt

Jeff's dad talking to a business friend

Our table at lunch

(an "action shot" by Jeff's grandma... haha!)

(making a face at Jeff's grandma! Haha!)

Jeff's grandparents

I love this one of Jeff's parents!

After all that fun, we had just one day left before starting our Christmas celebrations on the 22nd! I spent December 21st finishing up last-minute craft projects and wrapping presents, and then it was time to for Christmas! Christmas recaps coming up soon!

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