Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ring Photo Shoot

It's Christmas Eve, so I figured a little bonus blog post would be a great way to celebrate! I don't normally post on weekends, but it's the holidays, and I just had to share something a bit silly with you...

I cleaned my engagement ring and wedding band the other day for the first time in FOREVER, and they were so sparkly that I took a quick study break and ran around the house taking pictures of them with all of our Christmas decorations.

Is it weird to still be obsessed with your rings after being married for a year and a half? I sure hope not. I love them so, so much (both for the prettiness factor, and for the symbolism and memories they hold). Anyway, you can laugh at me if you want... but the rings and I had a little photo shoot:

(on a vintage ornament from my grandparents)

(on the snowman ornament we brought back from our honeymoon in Jamaica)

(on some Christmas fabric)

(in a flower)

(on a pinecone)

(on some evergreen branches)

(in the peanut M&Ms!)

Teehee. I love my rings, and I love Christmas decorations... so these are kind of like awesome photos to me. Haha! My favorites are the ones with the fabric and that first one on the evergreen branches. Has anyone else had a ring photo shoot lately?

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