Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Wedding Photos!

Weddingbee is one of my favorite websites. It was such a wealth of information and ideas when I was planning our wedding, and I still log on every once in a while just for fun. :)

When I heard about Weddingbee's new "Randomizer" series, I just had to join in on the fun! Here's how Weddingbee introduced the idea:
"You probably read plenty of blogs that post the top 20ish most fantastical images from real weddings. But what about the rest of the images? Chances are for your own wedding, you’ve chosen your favorite 50 images or so to share with your family and friends via a physical album, online, and social media. Months pass by, and you may practically forget that there were hundreds of images that don’t see the light of day. We’re here to breathe to life some more, perhaps forgotten, images in your wedding album!"
This is so true for me! We have 1,441 images from our wedding day (thanks Kelli Nicole!!). I fit a bunch of them into blog posts and our wedding album, but there are quite a few that just sit there in their digital file folder and gather digital dust!

So, you're supposed to use a random number generator to choose 10 random wedding photos, and then post those 10 with a brief description. Here are my 10 (put in chronological order so they make more sense, and all taken by Kelli Nicole):

This is my parents' house. It's where the bridesmaids and I got ready in the morning. I love that Kelli snapped a photo of it! This picture actually makes it look really glamorous and large, which is kinda fun. Haha. 

Y'all might have seen this photo before, but it's my mom and sister helping me put on my dress (obviously... haha). I love how hard my sister is concentrating!

This picture is of two of my cousins and one of my aunts. I told my aunts and cousins that they could stop by the bridal suite when they arrived for the wedding and say hi, so this was in the bridal suite when they first saw me in the dress and all. 

This is Jeff with his Best Man, Thomas, in front of the church before the ceremony. They look so fancy!

This is a bunch of our guests milling around in the foyer before our ceremony. That's Jeff's mom saying hello to a family friend. At this point, I was sitting in the bridal suite listening to all the talking and laughter and wishing I could go out and tell everyone hi!

This is my dad's side of the family after the ceremony.

We took some photos outside of just Jeff and me after the ceremony. It was hot, and there were mosquitoes everywhere, but these turned out to be some of my favorite photos. :) This one is so artsy looking!

This is Jeff's brother Matt walking into the reception. We had the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk into the ballroom in pairs, and our DJ announced them as they came in. 

This is my dad welcoming everyone and blessing the food before we ate. I love how happy everyone looks in this picture!

I have no idea what is going on here. Best Man Thomas is eating a big gummi shark from the candy buffet, and Jeff and I were apparently really concerned about something... haha!

So, those are my 10 random photos! I hope some of y'all play along... I'd love to see your random photos!

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