Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Found at Grandma's House

While we were in Fort Worth for Kristen's dance show, we spent the night at Jeff's grandparents house. I've been to their house many times before, but I never noticed until this visit that they have a bookshelf FULL of binders of old photos!

It turns out Grandma and Grandaddy have a gold mine of family history! Where were these binders when we were working on the table numbers for the wedding?!?! I was so excited. I spent two and a half hours on the floor flipping through binders of photos and taking pictures of pictures.

I found an abundance of cute little Jeff photos...  check these out:



With baby brother :)

I found this great one of Jeff with his dad, who was rocking the mustache and fancy glasses:


Then there's this one of Jeff sticking his tongue out during a portrait with his brother, Matt:

Nice popsicle shirt, Jeff!

Jeff's littlest brother Tim had the most cute toddler photos. I don't know if it's the youngest child thing  or the red hair or what, but apparently that kid was always doing something cute:

In a Santa Hat with stuffed Barney


Is this "I'm a little teapot?" I don't know. 

Jeff's other little brother Matt had plenty of photos as well. Here he is riding a goat:

Contrast that with the next photo, which showcases Jeff gently petting a goat. This is a perfect representation of Jeff and Matt's personalities.

How cute is this one of Jeff's parents?

My absolute favorite is this next photo:

It's my favorite because he still makes that face when he's really happy. Check out the photo below from our wedding. Look at the eyes and the smile... it's the same face!!

Anyway, I had so much fun going through those photo albums. If we ever have sons, they better be as cute as their daddy. :o)

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  1. AWWWWWW...thanks for the trip down memory lane! And thanks for NOT putting on some of me I can think of that were in those albums! LOL!