Monday, November 14, 2011

Visitors from Kansas!

Back in 2009, I "met" a girl named Laura on the discussion boards of a wedding website, Weddingbee. We had a lot in common - similar majors, both graduating early, dating guys we met in high school, waiting (not so) patiently to be engaged, and spending our spare time on wedding websites even though we weren't quite planning weddings yet... hehe! We wrote back and forth a lot, and eventually we both got engaged, started wedding blogs (Laura blogs now at The Luckiest in Love), and then got married (about a month apart!).

Three years later, we've got college degrees, blogs, husbands, and houses. Through it all, we've been keeping in touch via our blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. So, you can imagine my excitement when Laura told me they were going to be in Houston (all the way from Kansas!) for a night and wanted to meet up for dinner and drinks!! 

Normally I'm pretty wary of blogger meet-ups. Of course there's the fear of creepy stalkers and stuff, but there's also the fear that I just won't "click" with people in person, or that I won't be as "cool" in real life as I seem on the blog (do I even seem cool on the blog? I have no idea!). There's a whole group of Houston bloggers that meets up every month, and those fears are largely why I've never gone (well, that and the fact that law school keeps me super-busy!). 

But since this was my sweet friend Laura, I just knew it had to happen! I asked Jeff if he would go, and he was like "how do we know they're not serial killers?" and I was like "well... if they are, they deserve to get us because they spent THREE YEARS posing as cute newlyweds on many forms of Internet communication." So we went. 

We met them at a Mexican place, and we just had so much fun! Laura's just as sweet and fun in real life, and she was just like I imagined her in my head (except her engagement ring is even more sparkly in person!). I had always pictured her husband David as kind of shy for some reason, but he totally wasn't. Haha! We had yummy food, good margaritas, and a great time!

It was fun being out with another "blogger couple." Laura and David totally didn't even think it was weird when I wanted to take a million photos, and Jeff and David actually had a short conversation about what they think it's like to be married to a blogger. Too funny!

We stayed at the restaurant until they were closing, at which point we couldn't find anyone to take a photo of all four of us, so we stuck the camera on a table outside with the timer on, and this is what we got: 

And then we stood out in the parking lot and talked for another half hour or so because we were just having so much fun! It really is a shame they live so far away! Maybe if we ever happen to be in Kansas we can do it again sometime. ;o)


  1. aw i love it! glad you got to meet laura. she's a sweet gal (and so are you) :) looks like it was a good time!

  2. Sounds like a fun time! That is so crazy how you met and are still friends- very neat :)

  3. I love all of the pictures! We seriously had so much fun and I'm so glad we finally got to meet after all this time! The picture I got on my phone of us is super cute, so I'll post it (along with these if you don't mind!) in my recap post!