Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sisters, Dancing, and a Quick Trip to Fort Worth

My sister Kristen is incredible. She's double-majoring in Dance and Business, which are like the two least-overlapping things ever, and she's incredible at both of them. Her dance department puts on a few performances every year, and we always try to make it to one per semester or so to see her dance. 

Last weekend, we drove up to Fort Worth on Friday to see their Fall show. Now that Kristen's a junior, she's starting to have some solos and stuff, so it was fun to see her with the stage all to herself doing her thing. :o) It just amazes me how beautiful and effortless it looks when she dances (if you want proof, look at these photos that I took of her in South Padre last summer).

We haven't seen each other in at least a few weeks, and I always miss my little sister after oh, four days or so, so it was SO GREAT to catch up for a bit. 

Jeff, littlest sister Karoline, me, and little sister Kristen

With a bunch of Kristen's friends that came out to see the show!

Kristen has two really good dance friends (one is her roommate), and this time they got to be in the same piece and do a few trio dance sections together, so it was a special show for them. These girls are too cute!

They reenacted a movement from their dance piece for the camera:

So, naturally, Dad and Karoline and I had to do it too:

Haha. We're SO not graceful. I find it kind of funny that Kristen is this gorgeous beautiful dancer, yet I have approximately zero dancing instinct whatsoever. I mean, I can two-step my way around a dance floor (I can even polka... thank you Czech heritage!), but if you put me by myself on a stage I'd probably die. She took all of the family's dance ability I think.

My little sisters are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. They just make me so happy. They're both such beautiful young women, and it brings me so much joy to see them growing and being so successful. They're a huge blessing in my life.

Even though Kristen's way taller than me (see how she's scrunched down in that photo?) and Karoline (at the mere age of 11!) has already surpassed me in shoe size and overall awesomeness, I will always be proud to be their big sister. One day they'll both tower over little old me, but I'll love them just the same.

After the dance show, we grabbed some frozen yogurt and then spent the night at Jeff's grandparents' house (they live in Forth Worth too). It was a quick trip, but so worth making the drive for!


  1. being a big sister is the greatest! i'm the shortest person in my family now (well, i will be for a few more months at least, haha). weirdly, everyone in my family is shorter than everyone in adam's family. at 5 ft. 6 my dad is shorter than adam's 15 year old sister. our extended family picture from the wedding cracks me up every time!

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