Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Weekend!

So I have allll these pumpkin recipes I want to share. I've been trying to space them out, you know - so I don't overload the blog with pumpkin and all. The problem is... I want to share them ALL before Thanksgiving (when y'all all move on to Christmas festivities and pumpkin isn't cool anymore).

As I was sitting in Evidence today (clearly not paying much attention), it hit me - I should embrace the pumpkin! So here's what's going to happen: starting tomorrow, it's PUMPKIN WEEKEND at Spirals & Spatulas. It's gonna be awesome. Six pumpkin recipes in three days, and plenty of time for y'all to try them out before Fall fades into Christmas season!

Tune in all weekend for fabulously delicious pumpkin recipes!

Speaking of holiday spirit, I have couple quick announcements:

1) I found this adorable free printable that I just have to share with you all!

You can download it as an 8x10 or 5x7 here. I'm planning on printing an 8x10 and sticking it in a brown frame for some easy Thanksgiving decor!

2) My sweet friend Laura is hosting her Second Annual Ornament Swap on her blog! I participated last year, and it was such fun! Who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail? Basically, you sign up and Laura sends you your randomly selected partner's address, and then you each mail each other a cute Christmas ornament (and maybe some other Christmasy goodies!). Doesn't that sound like fun? Y'all should all sign up. Who knows... you might get paired with me! :) Here's the link to learn more and join in: The Luckiest in Love Ornament Swap! Sign up by Saturday!!

Isn't this time of year just so fun? I'm loving it.

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