Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Need YOUR Opinion!

I promise I'll do a Thanksgiving Recap post soon, but it's just been so busy around here with finals coming up and I just haven't had a spare second to go through photos yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a Thanksgiving post done, but today - I have an important question for all of you!

Here's the situation. We're considering rotating our dining table 90 degrees in the dining room. We're both pretty in love with the rotated version (we think it makes the room look bigger/nicer, plus it allows us to use the leaf and extra 2 chairs in our table), but there's one problem - if we rotate the table, the chandelier is off-center by about a foot and a half.

So here's my question: is it worth the hassle of moving the chandelier to rotate the table? I'm not even sure what all goes into moving a chandelier, but it sounds pretty tough/expensive. I think the room looks a LOT better rotated (with the off-center chandy), but if it's not actually a big difference then I don't want to mess with moving the chandelier.

Oh, and before anyone suggests it, I am STRONGLY opposed to "draping" the chain over and hooking it into the right spot. Not happening. Not in this house.

So, here are the original pictures (not rotated, centered with chandelier):

Table against windows, chandy centered with table.

View from the hallway.


and again...

6 person table (no leaf)

This is the view from the front door. It's one reason why I don't like the table in it's original position. When you walk in, you can't see the table at all and it just looks like a giant empty dining room with a china cabinet.

And here are the rotated pictures (rotated 90 degrees, leaf and two chairs added in, chandelier is off-center):

Table rotated, chandelier is too close to the back wall and not centered with the table

Ignore the buffet table on the back right - it's not staying there. Although, a benefit of the rotated layout is that we CAN fit some sort of table there.

View from the front door: you can see the edge of the chair and rug peeking out.

8 person table with leaf

Okay, so... does is look better rotated? Is it so much better that it's worth moving the chandelier? Has anyone ever moved a chandelier before? I have a feeling it's pretty complicated, especially since we don't have attic space above this room and we have textured ceilings... I'm pretty sure we could pay someone to do it, but it would probably be pricey... thoughts?!?!


  1. I love the rotated look!!

    Your hubby could walk on the beams up in the attic and cut a hole to move the chandelier and electricals.

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  3. Ugh. Chandelier relocation has been on our to-do list since we moved into our house! I love the new angle for the table.

  4. Love the rotated version better. As for moving the chandelier, Don't do it! It looks lovely the way it is now, and the offcenteredness is hardly noticeable. If you were to make a "permanent" change you wont be able to go back and move it later. Also keep in mind reselling.

  5. Alice is right, it's rather easy to do (if you have easy access to your attic and are comfortable with making holes in your ceiling). Since you don't have access, however, it would be a much bigger deal and hard to do quickly/easily. Luckily, I don't think it looks bad at all with the chandelier "off" a little (not that notice).

  6. i am also going to chime in with rotate it! that option just has so many perks. i would move it and wait for a while to see if the off-center light annoys you (and if guests even notice). then you can always move it back or get an estimate to move the chandelier.