Tuesday, October 4, 2011

South Carolina

Over the weekend we took a whirlwind trip to South Carolina to visit family and watch Jeff's beloved Gamecocks play some football. Going to South Carolina is always such fun... I just love Jeff's family over there, and it always brings back memories of the years we spent long-distance dating from College Station, TX to Columbia, SC. It makes me really appreciate being able to get on a plane and go with Jeff, rather than have to tell him goodbye and cry as I board the plane. Long distance relationships are so, so tough. Anyway...

We went to the South Carolina - Auburn game and got all dressed up in our black and garnet. I'm an Aggie girl through and through, but I can trade in the maroon and white for a little Gamecock garnet every once in a while if it makes my husband happy. :o)

Family Photo!
Jeff's brother's girlfriend Emily, Jeff's parents, and us

Jeff's Grandma sewed me a Gamecock-colored purse for my birthday, and I had such fun taking it to the game with me!

Jeff's brother, Tim,  is a student at South Carolina right now, and he just so happens to be dating a friend of mine from high school that goes to Texas A&M (sound familiar? haha). She came along for the weekend and I just loved having her with us! So much fun!

Emily's first trip to a Piggly Wiggly! 

Emily, Tim, & Jeff

Another Aggie-Gamecock couple!

Emily and I were keeping track of the A&M-Arkansas game while tailgating, and we were so happy when they went into halftime looking so good! I even made friends with some Gamecock fans that had a satellite and TV hooked up so I could watch my Aggies for a bit. Unfortunately, the game didn't end so well, but I still love my Aggies!


Jeff's brother is in the marching band, and we got to see him come marching by in his uniform and all. So fun!

Jeff actually has two brothers at South Carolina. Matt's about to graduate and just got a great job in Houston, so we're super-excited to have him back home. Note to self: stop taking pictures next to Matt. I look so short.

Like I said, I just love Jeff's family in South Carolina. They're a big fun family where everyone's always having a good time and the kids are running around and I just feel so comfortable because it's so much like my big family in the Dallas area. So. Much. Fun!


Poor Matt... such a good sport! 

Since A&M has recently joined the Southeastern Conference, our schools have closer sports ties now, which is a little weird! These flags at South Carolina's stadium represent the other SEC schools, and pretty soon there will be an Aggie flag up there:

We also got to spend some quality time with Thomas, Jeff's BFF and the Best Man from our wedding. I'm trying to convince him to move to Houston. I even told him he could live with us for a while. Haha. It's a shame to be so far away from such good friends!

All in all, it was a great (although short) trip! I've gotta be honest though... I was happy to get back to Texas. The weather in SC is just so fickle and cold and my skin gets super-dry when I'm there. I was in heaven when I stepped off the plane in Houston and walked into the slightly-humid, 75 degree air. There's just no place quite like Texas. :o)

Oh and also, this is the first time I've been away from the house for more than a couple of days since we moved in, and when I got home I just had this weird feeling like Oh yeah! I get to live here in this pretty house and it's actually mineAbsence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 

In the interest of full disclosure though (because we all know my life isn't all oh pretty house! and perfect perfect perfect!), my brand new fall mums that I bought for our planter on the patio were dead when I got home. Who knew they couldn't live without water for three days? Also, I had put some of those mini pumpkins in glass jars in the piano room, and I came home to two glass jars full of white fuzzy moldy pumpkins. Gross. I don't take the blame for that one though... I just bought those pumpkins six days ago! We were only gone for three days! Hey Kroger - stop selling old pumpkins. Thanks. 

Speaking of moldy pumpkins and dead mums (not so much), I've got to wrap up this post and head off to class! I've got some yummy recipes headed your way this week, so stay tuned!

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  1. sounds like a really fun trip! is it a good thing or a bad thing that your teams will be playing each other soon, ha ha?!