Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Updates

Since I ended up buying the black mirror from HomeGoods rather than the much-more-expensive Ballard Designs option we were planning on getting, I figured I had $90 or so of extra cash left in our home decor budget. :o)

So I went to HomeGoods (where else?) and Target, and bought a few much-needed (and a few not-quite-as-needed) things for the house!

First, gold pillows for the couch!

I've been wanting to "lighten up" the living room and move away from all the brown and red, and these pillows from Target were just perfect. They match the rug so nicely, and they're super squishy and comfy!

Our DVD bookcase has been driving me crazy because there was nothing on top of it, so I bought a few things to make it look pretty! I loved the arrangement of things above the armoire in this photo (found on Pinterest), so I tried to go with something similar.

Here's the new-and-improved top of the bookshelf (with tags still on because I wanted to make sure Jeff liked it all before I took them off):

I bought the shallow gold zebra bowl and the two vases for a total of $26! We already had the little trunk. I'm so happy to finally have something on top of that bookcase! I keep finding myself leaning more and more toward gold things for this room, and I'm loving it!

Much better. Now if only I could figure out what to do about curtains for those windows...

Remember how I said I'm trying to add aqua to the guest room to dilute the red-and-black? Well, I found a frame that's just perfect! Out with the old (red) and in with the new (aqua)!


New! Much better.

Last but not least, I found one of those little ceramic egg holders, and for $2.99 I couldn't pass it up! It's just perfect for sitting on my counter to hold jewelry, bobby pins, claw clips, etc.

The best part: I spent less on the HomeGoods mirror PLUS all this stuff than I would have on the one Ballard Designs mirror. Bargain shopping = my absolute favorite!


  1. Amazing finds girl! Love the little gold touches in the room... and red & aqua is only the best color combination out there:)