Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Furnishings!

Even though it still doesn't really feel like fall in Houston, I went ahead and put up our fall decorations! We're saving our pennies for some upcoming projects (hint: backyard!), so I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything new other than the supplies for my DIY wreath and the "real" stuff (pumpkins and gourds and things that don't last from year to year).

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with this year's fall decor because what we have doesn't go as far in the big house as it did in the little apartment. Last year, the apartment looked like there was Halloween and Fall stuff everywhere (see last year's fall decorations here)! But even though it's a little more sparse in the new house, it still makes me happy! Let's have a look...

We'll start in the kitchen. One of my pumpkin jars is sitting on a felt placement (which was sort of a new purchase, but it was $2 at HomeGoods and I bought it three months ago, so I don't think it counts!)

Filled with Halloween candy!

Have I mentioned how excited I am about getting trick-or-treaters at our house? I went and bought trick-or-treat candy super early and I probably bought way too much. I'm just so excited! One of the best things about being a grown up is that I can buy Halloween candy before Halloween, then pick out the ones I like (the lemon flavored fruit Tootsie Rolls and the pomegranate Tootsie Pops), then give the rest to the trick-or-treaters. Teehee.

Gourds in a bread basket and fall napkins at the kitchen table...

Fall candle arrangement in the dining room...

In the piano room, I swapped the ivory candles for orange and put some mini pumpkins in a couple of our candy buffet jars from the wedding. 

Ignore the new mirror... I'll tell you that story eventually!

This are the pumpkins that were all white and fuzzy and moldy when I got home from South Carolina. They looked so pretty when I took these photos!!

Fall figures on candlesticks, plus my cute little pumpkin and witch!

I put my other pumpkin jar and a candle wax warmer (with autumn harvest scented wax!) on the coffee table...

Sidenote about Tootsie Rolls: When my Gran was pregnant with my Uncle John, Gran and Grandpa asked my (little boy at the time) dad what he wanted to name the baby, and my dad was adamant that they name him "Tootsie." Didn't happen. 

Above the TV, I did exactly the same thing as last year. There's the turkey, the "give thanks" sign, and a Thanksgiving pumpkin.

I think my favorite thing is this little vignette in the kitchen:

There's a skeleton candleholder, three halloween candles, and my Shakespeare print from tagteamtompkins on Etsy.

I love this print!

By the coffeemaker, I put a little metal turkey candleholder:

I put our wooden "fall" sign and a pumpkin candleholder in our bedroom:

Then of course, there's the wreath on the door:

That's it for now! We have a pumpkin patch trip planned for next weekend and I'm hoping to make some cute pumpkin decorations (there are so many cute pumpkin ideas on Pinterest right now!).

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