Monday, September 5, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

When we first walked around our house with our realtor, I pretty much loved it. There was only one thing that I immediately didn't like, and it was this mirror in the half bathroom:

Way too long and geometric for my liking. It was a giant octagon with no frame (not even a bevelled edge), and it looked like it was crowding the sink. I was thrilled to find out that it was simply attached to the wall with just a few mirror clips and would be easy to remove!

We weren't actively looking for a new mirror, but on a trip to the furniture auction I spotted exactly what I wanted! It was definitely a diamond in the rough... all scratched and dusty, but the glass was in good condition and I absolutely fell in love with the shape and the carving. 

I told Jeff he could bid up to $100 for it, so I was really excited when we got it for just $25! We took it home and dusted it off, and I touched up the scratched areas with a furniture stain pen. Then, we took that ugly hexagon off the wall, patched and painted over the holes from the mirror clips, and proudly hung our antique mirror on the wall!

Mr. Mirror apparently had a past life at an old house in Pennsylvania, but now he'll have a new life in our half bathroom! 

I absolutely love it a bajillion million times more than the hexagon that used to be there. We were lucky to find it for such a great price!

The old mirror? We're just storing it. You better believe I'm taking this pretty Pennsylvanian guy with me when we someday move somewhere new, and I'm guessing the new owners will want a mirror on that wall. Hopefully they'll be happier with the ole' octagon than we were!