Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Fall Wreath

It's still 100+ degrees everyday here in hot Houston, but I couldn't help myself from getting a head start on fall decorating!

Look what I made! :o)

I wanted to make a fall wreath for our front door, so I picked up a roll of orangeish gold ribbon (50%off  in the Christmas section!) and a grapevine wreath ($2.50) at Hobby Lobby, a $1 fall pick at Joann Fabrics (the one with the pumpkin and gourd), and $5 worth of silk flowers from the Dollar Store.

Then I waited two and a half weeks while law school kept me too busy to make a wreath...

When I finally found some spare time, I sat down on the floor in my craft room, grabbed a glue gun, and got to work!

All my supplies! I originally wanted to hang that "Happy Harvest" sign in the middle, but I decided against it in the end (excuse the bad photo quality... this was from my phone).

It's hard to see there, but I had two bunches of flowers (one of big red ones, and one of little brown and orange ones), a bunch of fall leaves, a bunch of yellow berry-looking stuff, and a bunch of cattails (because they're just so cute!). Can you believe you can buy all that for $5 at the Dollar Store? My first step was to separate all the silk flowers. It's really easy to just score the wires with a pair of scissors and then snap the stems.

Then I started playing... I stuck flowers into the wreath without gluing to get an idea for what I wanted:

Again... sorry for the awful phone photo!

Once I had a good basic idea, I started gluing everything down. I added more flowers as I went to fill in holes, and I trimmed the stems poking out from the back of the wreath when necessary. 

Look at those cute little cattails! Not really a "fall" thing, but I just love them!

Once the flowers were done, I made a pretty little bow with the orange ribbon and a stapler and hot glued that to the top of the wreath. All done!

In a perfectionistic attempt to make the ribbon lay just so, I added a tiny hot glue dot on the left corner of the ribbon to make it stay next to the grapevine wreath:

Here it is all done (hanging on our towel bar in the bathroom because our wreath hanger is buried somewhere in our Christmas decorations and I haven't found it yet...):


I love it! Now we just have to wait for the weather to get cool enough that it won't look dumb on our door (and I need to find that wreath hanger!).


  1. Too cute!! Love it! I want to do something cute and fall-ish for our front door. Maybe I'll do something this weekend... You've inspired me!

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  3. oooh so pretty, thanks so much for the tutorial. I want to make one for my mother in law.

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  4. You did a great job. I love quick and easy projects like this! And yes, I have a
    big to do list in the Fall. Thanks for sharing.

    Cath Brookes
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