Friday, September 9, 2011

Bedroom Updates

Y'all probably saw this stuff in my House Tour post, but I wanted to blog about the details. We just bought this table from Pier 1, and we love it!

I've been looking for a table for that wall since we moved in, and I finally found it at Pier 1. Jeff liked it too, and we had a coupon, so it was an all-around good situation! They only had one sample in the store, so we had to order it and wait TWO WEEKS for it to come in! That two weeks took forever, but when it finally came I was so excited!

The extra storage is great, it fills up the wall nicely, and I finally have a place to put some of the little stuff that was in our bedroom at the apartment.

The painting that lived above our couch in the apartment fits perfectly above the table (and actually looks quite nice with our bedding)!

I'm pretty happy with that wall now - it's a million times better than the big blank space that was there before!

We also hung our little cluster of crosses next to the door:

Slowly but surely, the house seems to be coming together! The Master Bedroom has been particularly interesting because we plan on buying all new furniture for it in a year or so (the current furniture is going upstairs to the second guest bedroom). Everything we do in the Master Bedroom is either something we can move upstairs later, or something that will work even after we buy all new bedding and furniture. I'm  pretty sure the Pier 1 table is there to stay though - I love it too much to send it upstairs!

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  1. Love the desk and the crosses! We have a favorite cross that we hang above our front door. Happy weekend!