Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Cake!

When people hear that we just celebrated our first anniversary, they always want to know whether we ate our top tier from our wedding cake, and whether it tasted good. I loved our wedding cake. It was exactly what I wanted, down to the little swirls of icing, the tier widths, and the delicious strawberry filling.

For 365 days, the top tier of our cake looking like this:

Last Saturday I transferred it into the fridge, and Sunday morning I pulled it out to finish warming up on the counter. When I unwrapped the many layers of Saran wrap and foil, this is what it looked like:

Not too pretty, but it still has a hint of those pretty swirls!

I guess the big missing chunk happened when they pulled the flowers off the top?

After a year of waiting to eat this thing, we didn't waste any time cutting a couple slices!

We even used our fancy wedding china!

It actually tasted really good! The cake and filling were absolutely delicious (and still moist, believe it or not!), and not a hint of freezerburn! The buttercream icing was a little less creamy and more stiff than it should have been, but I think it might have still been a little cold.

Luckily, our top tier was much bigger than two slices, so we still have lots of yummy cake left! Yum, yum, yum! Did you eat your wedding cake on your first anniversary? How did yours taste?


  1. I didn't save my cake. I had it made again at our anniversary. Both were yummy!

    Yours was beautiful!

  2. i'm so glad it tasted good still! our baker actually is making us a new tier on our anniversary for free. when i told him i needed to save a tier for us he just said "nah just give everyone your entire cake and i'll make you a fresh one for your anniversary!" btw, your cake is GORGEOUS. i love it :)

  3. We ate our wedding cake the morning after our anniversary (cause I forgot to take it out) and it was really good! Too bad there wasn't enough of it. I've suggested getting an entire new wedding cake for next year! Hmm makes me hungry for cake now...

  4. Happy Anniversary! That cake looks amazing! Yumm!

  5. That's nice that you were able to save it and try it! With our move from OK to FL we weren't able to take ours with us, so we ordered a new top layer from a bakery in Miami. But it looked and tasted so similar!

  6. It still amazes me how many people say their cake tastes amazing after a year in the freezer!! I could def use some right now ;)

  7. I love this tradition. We did the same thing with our wedding cake...I wouldn't say it was as good as on our wedding day...but it was still pretty tasty. :)

  8. We ate ours, and it was delish! I only had the bite of cake David fed me on our wedding day, so I was happy to get to try it!

  9. Ours was delicious!! Our top was big too, so we had our slices but then put it back in the freezer for awhile. Then Ike came, and we were without power for 10 days - no freezer! I couldn't let it go to waste so...I pretty much ate the whole rest of it by myself I think!