Thursday, August 11, 2011

Virtual Painting

Have I mentioned Valspar's Virtual Painter before? I think maybe I did once, but I'm pretty sure I never emphasized just how awesome this website is (and no, they're not paying me to write this or anything). Have you ever wanted to see what a room would look like if you painted it a certain color? Well, now you can!

Some people have awesome Photoshop skills and don't need something like this, but for those of us who lack that ability (hello!), this website is perfect! You just upload a photo of your room, then click which color you want to paint it, then click the walls and TA-DA! Painted room!

Uploaded room...

Look at all the colors!

I've been playing with it a bit lately... here's the piano room painted green!

Except we wouldn't really paint the ceiling... haha!

I'm considering leaving those two walls that flank the archway beige...

Here's my laundry room painted yellow (LOVE IT!):

Here's our guest room painted aqua (I'm trying to muster up the courage to do this in real life):

Here's our bedroom painted a bluish-gray:

We're planning on getting new furniture and bedding in a year or so (and moving the current stuff to the second guest room), and I think something like this on the walls would be nice with the new stuff...

I'm definitely leaning towards a sage-ish green for the piano room, especially now that I've seen it virtually painted! Have you ever played around with a virtual painter website? Totally fun right? If you haven't, I highly suggest that you go over there right now and upload a photo and have some fun! You can even do crazy stuff like see how ridiculous your living room would look painted lime green. :o)


  1. what a cool website! i loooove that shade of green for your piano room. it'll look fantastic!

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