Saturday, August 27, 2011


One of my favorite parts of our wedding was the sendoff at the end. We left through a bunch of pretty sparklers and drove off in a vintage Rolls Royce that I just loved!

{wedding photos by Kelli Nicole}

While we were vacationing at South Padre Island a couple of weeks ago, my parents surprised us by bringing along all the leftover sparklers from our wedding! We took them with us when we drove out to the undeveloped part of the island for a picnic dinner, and after the sun went down we had some sparkler fun!

He's not crazy. I promise.

Holding them a safe distance away from my plastic cup of wine... haha (so classy!)

I so badly wanted to take some of those fancy spelling-letters-with-sparklers photos, but my point-and-shoot camera isn't fancy enough to allow me to manually control the shutter speed, so these circles were the best we could do:

We had about 50 leftover sparklers, so after a while we were just running out of things to do with them! We ended up sticking a bunch of them in the ground to create a sparkling heart:

So pretty!

Every time I start to think that we've finally gotten rid or permanently stored all of our wedding stuff, something else pops up! My bouquet, the sparklers... what's next? 


  1. i love it! what a fun way to use the rest of your sparklers!

  2. I looove sparkler send offs almost as much as I just love sparklers! Great way to use em up :)

  3. I love this! Sparklers are so fun and bring out the inner child in everyone :)