Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let There Be Light!

Our piano room is coming along nicely, although not with the speed I had originally intended. I thought for sure we'd have painted walls and hung curtains and such by now! I think Young House Love gave me unrealistic expectations for how quickly we could update a house.

Anyway, the latest item crossed off our list was replacing this light fixture:

Not only was it ugly, but it was so tiny that it barely produced any light. Before we even moved into the house I knew that this light fixture was getting replaced. Once we had the style of the room somewhat pinned down with furniture and the rug, we headed out to go light fixture shopping!

We started out looking at some modern/trendy/adventurous fixtures... both chandeliers and pendants:

I found this one on Overstock, but it just seemed too trendy... I didn't want something that I'd want to replace in two years.

I nearly splurged for this one from Pottery Barn, but in the end we decided it was too tall for our fairly-low ceiling in that room.

Eventually I realized that Home Depot has a really good variety of lighting fixtures (not to mention that the prices are WAY lower than Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc.). We browsed through a lot of their fixtures...

This one was way too frou-frou for Jeff.

This one was just a touch too modern for me... I tried to convince myself to like it, but I just didn't!

We came really, really close to getting this one, but in the end we fell for a cute little chandelier...

I'm really happy with how it pulled the whole room together, and for jut $69 at Home Depot, our bank account was really happy too!

Now all that's left is deciding on a paint color... easier said than done! What do you think?


  1. Ooh, I love! I'm a huge fan of black and white and damask (obviously) so I'm kind of in love with this room! Can't wait to see what paint color you choose!

  2. I love the black and white! I think a red, like a pottery red, would look great with the black and white but that might be too bright for your tastes. Maybe a light or dark blue or a yellow haha (I'm obviously no help). Either way, the room looks great even without color!