Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 Weddings: Alan & Katie

We finished off our string of summer weddings with the beautiful wedding of my sorority sister, Katie, and Alan. I thought their wedding was just absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it's just because I know the bride well and I know she's a genuinely beautiful person (inside and out!), but it was a really pretty wedding. It was all purple and cowboy boots and twinkle lights and dancing, and it was just lovely!

I made Jeff take a picture since we were all dressed up. :o)

Pretty purple invitation!

Alan waiting for Katie (he looked so nervous!)

Beautiful Maid of Honor in a flowy purple dress! The bridesmaids all had different dresses in the same purple fabric (you know how I love almost-matching bridesmaids!!).

Beautiful church!

Beautiful bride! She combined a mantilla veil with a blusher that her dad removed, and it was just so pretty!

I love this dress!

The ceremony was done by a priest that Katie has known since childhood, so it was really sentimental and special.

The reception was in a lodge-type building with wooden walls and wood beams and such. It was so cute!

Sparkler sendoff! (my favorite kind of sendoff!!)

Beautiful bride!

Lovely centerpieces... hydrangea and purple tulips!

The tables were done in purple and ivory satin linens with champagne napkins. So pretty!

There were twinkle lights everywhere, which made such a romantic, rustic atmosphere!

It was really nice to catch up with some friends from college and see some faces I hadn't seen in a while. Weddings are great for that!

It was a gorgeous wedding, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, but I have to admit that the most exciting part for me was that I was recognized by some blog readers for the first time! These two girls (who both also happen to be named Katie... how weird is that?) came up to our table and told me that they read Spirals & Spatulas and had to come over and say hello! So I got to meet both of them and hear how they found my blog, and we talked a bit about Catholic weddings and such. Isn't that just so fun? 

I of course got all totally nerdy and overly excited and awkward about the whole thing and apologized profusely for not posting more in the last week, and then went on and on talking about my latest DIY project that I'm planning to blog about soon. Katie & Katie - I'm sorry about talking your ears off, but it was the first time that's ever happened to me and it was a little exciting. Haha! I really am so, so glad you came over to introduce yourselves!

Well... that concludes Wedding Season 2011 for us! I loved each and every wedding we went to this summer. It's amazing how weddings can be such a reflection of the couple and the little details can mean so much! I'm going to miss having weddings to go to in the coming months!


  1. Is that church in Sugar Land? I'm pretty sure I've been to a wedding there!

  2. Yep, its in sugar land! It was a pretty church!

  3. I'm so glad I got to meet you last weekend! almost as exciting as getting a shout out in your blog haha my link is ! :o) have a great week!