Friday, July 1, 2011

Piano Room Update

Remember when I showed you my inspiration board for our piano room (aka "the formal living room," or "the sitting room," or when I'm feeling especially fancy - "the parlor")?

Well, I figured I ought to give you all an update on how it's going! Here's how the room looked when we started:

And here's what it looks like now!

And from the other direction:

It's definitely a work in progress. We do have plans to paint the walls some sort of muted green color, and we've got paint chip options propped up on the piano while we decide...

We did get around to purchasing the Target loveseat (with a $50 off sale and free shipping!!), which I'm absolutely in love with! I threw a black pillow that we already had on it, but I'm looking forward to getting some cuter ones!

The rug on my inspiration board turned out to be "dark charcoal" instead of black, so we had to find a new rug. This one was a great find on Overstock for $140, and I like it even better than my inspiration rug!

The chair on my inspiration board was great, but I totally forgot about it when I saw this adorable chair at HomeGoods from $129:

I haven't got around to refinishing and re-upholstering the Craigslist chair yet, but here it is:

I'm planning on sanding it down and painting it black, and then recovering the seat. I think the chair looks lovely in stripes, so I'm keeping the stripe look but going with something much more modern, this lovely black and white striped fabric:

I think the two little chairs will play quite nicely together!

Here's something that wasn't on my inspiration board, but it's so, so perfect! I found this quaint-but-edgy wood table at HomeGoods for $50 and snatched it up:

I stuck our little Ikea cabinet in the corner for now, but it might eventually move next to the piano like it was in our apartment. For now though, he's in Time Out over there.

These are the little vases that used to be our kitchen table centerpiece in the apartment, sitting on top of a pretty little tray from HomeGoods. I also added a little figurine of some sheet music and a clarinet (my instrument, I don't play the piano!).

We still have a long way to go before this room is done. Obviously the walls need to be painted, the Craigslist chair needs to be refurbished, and we've GOT to get some things on the walls!

We still need to find a place for our vintage sheet music and autographs from various musicians...

These Indonesian wood carvings are going up on the wall once we paint. They were in the guest room at the old apartment, but I like them and I think I'll get to see them more if they're in here!

This is an obvious item on the to-do list... this boring light has got to go. We've been browsing for light fixtures at various places and haven't found anything we just love yet, so we'll see!

These are the curtains that used to be in our bedroom. I'm going to get them up on a black curtain rod once we paint.

So that's the update on the piano room! What do y'all think? Hopefully next time you see photos of it, it will be all painted and lovely-looking!


  1. Looks AWESOME! Get a fun chandelier or something. I bought one at IKEA the other day for our master bathroom - cheap and super cute!!!

  2. Oooh, I'm excited to see how it all turns out! Love the color scheme!

  3. That looks great girl! I love that you actually got pieces from your inspiration board. LOVE it!

  4. the room looks GREAT! i really love what you've done with it! :)