Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Front Yard Update

When we bought the house, one thing we were really excited about was the front yard! We were lucky enough to get a house with some pretty good landscaping going already.

Unfortunately, the front yard just wasn't colorful enough for us. We wanted it to look more bright and cheerful! There was also the problem of two teeny-tiny slightly-dried-up plants that were just awkwardly plopped in front of a tree:

Haha... they're so puny and weird that you can hardly see them in this photo!

The other day we weren't really doing anything, so we decided to tackle the front yard! We started by pulling up those two little green plants and adding them into the row of (slightly bigger) green plants behind the tree:

It made the row look more filled in, and it got them out of their awkward position in front of the tree!

We were brainstorming ways to spice up the areas at the bottom of the two trees in our yard, and when we saw this patch of yellow lantana growing like crazy in our neighbor's yard, we decided we couldn't go wrong with the little yellow flowers!

We bought a bunch of yellow lantana 50% off at a local garden center, and we got to work planting them below the trees...

When we were done, the yard had gone from this:

... to this!

Not a huge difference, but I do think it looks more cheerful! I can't wait for them to grow and spread out a little!

Here's one tree before and after:

Boooring -----> pretty!

Oh, and to prove that I wasn't just taking photos while Jeff did all the work, here's a picture of my dirty gardening gloves!

I also added a new "Welcome" flag in a bright red color. My old flag blew away, so I made sure to sew this one a little tighter before putting it on!

Now all we need is some sort of colorful bush to fill this hole! We're thinking about a knockout rose bush or two...

We still have some work to do in the front yard, but most of it will probably wait until next spring (or at least next fall) when the weather is nicer. We want to get some pretty stones to line the flower bed edges, plant a few more things, get a bench or some sort of seating for the porch, and plant some pretty plants in pretty pots to go on either side of the front door. 

Like the rest of the house, the front yard is a work in progress. We're definitely doing better on the whole curb appeal thing now, so it's only a matter of time until we get it just how we want it!


  1. Very cute! Great work so far :)

  2. Looks good! Amazing what a little bit of color will do!

  3. We moved int our new house a few months ago. Since I don't know anything about gadening I decided to contact a landscaping company for adding some colorful perennials to our front yard. They suggested lantanas as they are native to texas and thus don't require any maintenance. I am hoping that they bloom well.