Thursday, June 23, 2011


This post goes out to everyone who's wondering how the moving is going, what the new house looks like, and why I'm not blogging about it.

While we have succeeded in getting all of our stuff into the house, a lot of it just hasn't found a place yet. Somehow we've ended up with a house that's just full of piles of stuff. SO. MANY. PILES.

Let me show you...

In the Dining Room: piles of our fancy china in boxes.

In the Hallway: piles of DVDs

In the Sitting Room: piles of sheet music

In the Dining Room (and everywhere): piles of empty boxes and packing paper

In the Kitchen: piles of the photos that were on our fridge at the old apartment

In my Closet: piles of T-shirts that I haven't found a place for yet

In the Kitchen: piles of food that hasn't been put in the pantry yet

In the Bedroom: piles of dirty clothes.
This is one of the worst ones... we have about three more piles that look similar to this because we haven't had time to do laundry in so long. I'm kind of amazed that we still have clothes to wear.

So... how is the moving going? The moving is great, but the unpacking and organizing is the slowest process ever. What does the new house look like? It looks like a very tidy tornado hit it and left everything in little piles. Why am I not blogging about the new house? Because I'm too embarrassed about what a mess everything is to take any photos and show you. 

I just need a weekend to get everything looking a little cleaner! Unfortunately, this is June, and our weekends are just full of events and weddings and family get-togethers and such! Someday I'll get it all looking decent... someday!

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  1. you'll get there! and i can't wait to see pictures when you do!!