Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Love to the Fathers...

We've been so busy with repainting and cleaning the apartment and cleaning and organizing the house that I didn't even have a spare second to write a blog post for Father's Day (or any other blog post in the last week or so...haha).

But, better late than never, right? Here's a quick run-down of the wonderful fathers in my life:

My Daddy:

I definitely didn't inherit his height, but he did pass down a love for music and a love for Texas A&M. My organized, practical side comes from my dad, and he claims I have his elbows. :)

This is my dad getting his first look of me in my wedding dress...

We did a practice dance! :)

He's a great guitar player...

...and a great dancer too!

Then there's my Granddad (my maternal grandfather):

Granddad loves his grandkids!

Granddad, Daddy, and Jeff

Granddad loves to dance. He had hip replacement surgery just a few months before my wedding, and he worked SO hard at his physical therapy so he could be out on the dance floor at the wedding!

Next up, my Grandpa (paternal grandfather):

Grandpa loves music (he taught himself to play the accordion when he retired!), his family, and (of course) Gran. He's so fun to be around, and he's always making me laugh!

I'm a lucky girl because when Jeff and I got married, I got ANOTHER wonderful dad:

Jeff's dad is a pretty awesome guy. He raised three sons, all of which inherited his strong work ethic and love of the South Carolina Gamecocks. He's also an amazing gardener, and he's currently growing little baby plants for us to have for our new backyard!

And I also got Grandaddy! (Jeff's maternal grandfather):

Grandaddy tells the best stories. Sometimes he's quiet, but when he starts talking you know he's going to say something clever or super-interesting or just plain funny. I always enjoy spending time with him.

Happy (Belated) Father's Day to all of the wonderful fathers in my life!!

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