Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Reunion at the Lake - 2011

Once a year we head to Lake Palestine in East Texas to spend a fun-filled weekend with my entire extended family on my dad's side. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all get together for some quality time at my aunt and uncle's amazing lakehouse.

This year we're up to 19 people with the addition of my cousin Allison's adorable baby girl:

Too cute, right?

The house actually has beds for about 15 people, and with the addition of a few air mattresses we all fit quite cozily! There's nothing like 20 people sharing two showers to make the family bond a little! :o)

There's a whole living room and kitchen full of seating, yet we somehow always end up congregating on the stairs...

I LOVE the lake weekend every year. It's so fun and relaxing and just wonderful to be with my family. Plus, there are so many fun things to do!

My parents and sister lounging on a tube tied to the dock...

Jeff and Dad

Life jackets on & Ready to be pulled by the boat!

Riding in the boat

Just look at this beautiful view... they have a perfect dock with space to relax in the shade or hang out in the sun, as well as room for the boat and jet ski!

My grandparents swinging in the hammocks

Me and my sisters - look at that unplanned color coordination!

Chilling in the lake!

This year we also coordinated the taking of a family portrait! The last big family portrait we did was 15 years ago, so it was about time! I don't have a copy of the official ones (they're on my uncle's fancy dSLR), but here are some fun ones:

Gran and Grandpa with all their granddaughters (no grandsons!)

My dad, his siblings, and their spouses w/ Gran and Grandpa

As always, everyone had a great time at the lakehouse!

We always celebrate all of the family birthdays that are within a few weeks of the lakehouse weekend, which means I got to celebrate mine this time, along with my cousin, my sister, and my grandma:

Birthday girls!

My aunt and cousin made these delicious cupcakes - cute, right?

Happy Birthday!

We can't wait for next year's lakehouse weekend!!


  1. So fun! My dad's side of the family used to get together for a week every summer at my grandparents - There would be 21 of us sharing 2 bathrooms, and all of the grandkids would sleep together in one room filled with bunk beds. Now that we're getting married and having kids, we wouldn't fit, but it was SO fun back then!

  2. Yay! Love this post. It was my dSLR actually :) so I'd be happy to burn you a CD if you want them. Good to see y'all!

  3. that's so neat that you guys all get together every year! looks like an amazing weekend!