Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Weddings: Daniel & Kristen

Remember these two crazy kids from our wedding?

You might also remember them from our Spring Break trip to DC and Virginia...

Well, they finally tied the knot a couple of weeks ago, and I got the be the Matron of Honor! I've finally got the photos all uploaded and sorted through, and I'm excited to show off their wedding!

The festivities started Thursday night with Kristen's Bachelorette Party. She had three bridesmaids and two "bridesmen," so it was a little untraditional! We started out at PF Changs, where we were surprised with free dessert and free champagne!

Then we headed back to Kristen's house, where there was a small little surprise lingerie shower and just some hanging out time before we went to bed.

On Friday, Kristen's parents hosted a luncheon for the wedding party:

Then it was time for the Rehearsal! I made Kristen a practice bouquet with all the bows from her showers:

Jeff was a reader for the wedding, so we both had to be at the rehearsal.

I practice my bouquet-holding duties!

Such a silly groom!

The rehearsal dinner was a Fajitas & Margaritas bash at a Mexican restaurant - so festive and fun!

After the Rehearsal Dinner we weren't quite ready to go to bed, so we all went out for a little longer:

When we finally did go to bed, we only had a few hours left to sleep before getting up at 5:30 for hair and makeup!

So tired.

So, so tired.

We had bagels and coffee for breakfast, and then we woke up a bit!

Time for hairdos!

This is what I look like after not enough sleep with no makeup. I must really love you guys to let you see such things!!!

Adorable flower girl!

After hair and makeup was all done, we headed to the wedding venue! I got Kristen into her beautiful dress, and we were ready!

Waiting in the bridal suite! We all had aqua (technically the color is "Pool") David's Bridal satin dresses with rose bouquets.

She was a little nervous, but all ready to go!

Kristen wore my birdcage veil as her "something borrowed." It was really special for me that she wore it down the aisle as well. It looked so different on each of us!

This is where my photo-taking stops because I was busy taking pro photos, keeping the flower girl and ring bearer happy, and walking down the aisle! I'll have to share some ceremony photos once the pro photos come in. For now, you'll just have to trust me that the ceremony was beautiful. :o)

After some more photos, we headed to the reception! 

Texas Aggie Groom's Cake!

Amazing wedding cake - so cute, right?


Bouquets as centerpieces!

They cut the cake, they danced their first dance, I gave a toast, they threw the bouquet and garter, and all too quickly it was done!

The last song was Don't Stop Believin', and we rocked it out on the dance floor:

Their car was all ready to go:

We sent them off with a bunch of bubbles and a couple to-go boxes of the food they didn't have time to eat:

Yay Kristen and Dan!

I was so honored to be the Matron of Honor at y'all's wedding, and we are so, so happy for you two! 

Oh, and by the way, check out these adorable videos! The first one is the ring bearer dancing, and in the second one the groom copies him:


  1. I love that she had bridesmen!!

  2. Beautiful wedding! I love Ashton Garden.

  3. love the wedding and i love that she used your veil! very cute :)