Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving - What to bring first!

Before we started moving things into the house, I made a list of stuff that had to come right away:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Hand soap
  • Hand towel
  • Disposable plates/cups/utensils
  • Candles (to get rid of the freshly-painted-new-house smell)
  • Lighter (for the candles)
  • Trash bags
I had the list written down on a yellow legal pad, and while I wasn't looking Jeff took it and added "Beer" to the bottom... he's so helpful. Boys.

Disposable eating supplies!

Diet soda in the fridge - because Jeff drinks like three cans a day! (notice that the beer didn't make it on the first trip...haha!)

A usable bathroom is absolutely necessary!

I gave this to Jeff for his Confirmation, and we wanted it to be one of the first things in the new house. It's a bible verse - "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

This candle was one of my purchases from our trip to the Yankee Candle outlet store in Virginia. I picked it because it was on the clearance rack and I liked the scent, but it ended up being the PERFECT candle for the new house:

Oh, and just so no one thinks Jeff is goofing around all the time and not helping, here he is happily programming the sprinkler system!

What would your "must have" items for a new house be?


  1. What a perfect candle!

    The first things I like to move into a new apartment/house are the mattress, towels, and a shower curtain, plus toilet paper and gatorade for the fridge. That way, no matter how far you get with the unpacking the first day, you can take a shower and sleep in a real bed.

  2. Our list is just about the same as yours, but we also add a duster and some hot pads for frozen meals if we don't get take out.

  3. Great tip for getting rid of the paint smell -- cut up a few onions (or just one large one) and put them in a large bowl of water. Set the bowl inside the room with the door shut for a day or two. The smell will be gone in no time!

  4. that's a good list. you are going to have your house unpacked and set up faster than anyone - i just know it!!