Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finals Do Weird Things to my Brain.

Note: This post is pretty random and it rambles a bit and its a little silly and it has no photos. But, I don't have the energy to edit it, and I feel like I've been slacking on my blog post quantity lately so it's just getting posted just like this. At least all of my "tell us what law school is like!" readers will get a little glimpse of what happens to your brain right before law school finals. It's not pretty.

Studying for finals is consuming just about every last neuron in my brain. I'm a big believer in the theory that after a certain point, every fact you cram into your brain pushes another one out. Lately I've been cramming massive amounts of law knowledge into my brain, and consequently, I think I'm losing my mental faculties for normal, everyday things.

I keep losing my shoes and my phone, and I never know what day of the week it is, and poor Jeff just gets a dazed blank look on my face every time he asks me a question that requires any sort of mental processing. Yesterday I completely forgot to eat breakfast. Like, I got up, and I sat on the couch with my laptop and started studying, and then around 1:30pm I was like wait... I haven't eaten anything all day.

The worst part is, I'm not even sleeping well. I keep having dreams that are excruciatingly detailed, and I wake up feeling exhausted! Last night I dreamt that I had been pregnant with twins, and they were born three weeks early, but they were totally healthy, and one was a boy named John Thomas, after Jeff's dad and Jeff's best friend, and one was a girl named Emmalynn Kate (after Jane Austen's Emma, and Kate after me), and Emmalynn was a little smaller than John.

We had brought them home and our parents and grandparents were all there, and my granddad took to calling John "J.T." and I had to make him stop because I didn't like it. And I only had six baby blankets because I had received six at showers and I didn't buy any extras because I didn't want to have too many. But, then John spit up on a green and blue striped one, and then all six blankets were in the wash, and I was out of baby blankets, and my sweet Uncle Scott came over and brought me some extras so I could wrap my kids up and keep them warm. I was joking with my mom about how it was good that one was a girl and one was a boy because or else we might mix them up! And I was all proud of myself because I had figured out how to hold one in each arm so that I could carry both comfortably at the same time. And they had two little white cradles that we had set up in the living room.

So this morning I woke up, and my first thought was "oh! I have to feed the babies! It's been too long since their last feeding!" and I jumped out of bed (all full of adrenaline) and quickly walked toward the guest room (because that's apparently where my sleepy brain thought the babies were), and I got about to the kitchen table before I realized that I don't actually have kids. I'm losing it.

Thank goodness Jeff has been taking care of the new house and mortgage stuff for the past few days. The other day I did exactly what law school has taught me not to do, and I said to Jeff, "did you read this document? You understood it and it's right?" and he said "yeah" and I just signed on the line without having read any of it. Totally against everything I've learned in the last year, but it was 20 pages of small text, and I already knew the general purpose and content of the thing, and it would've taken me a long time to read through, and honestly - if there was some provision in it that I wanted to change, I think the mortgage company would just be like "umm this is our contract... maybe you should go with a different lender?" Plus, I totally trust my husband to check all the numbers and dates and such for accuracy. But still, I feel like a law student hypocrite.

Oh, and because I know someone will wonder: no... I don't think we'll be having babies, much less twins, any time soon. Law school, remember? Haha. Although I've always said that when the time comes, I'd be more than happy to have twins - you get two babies out of just one pregnancy! If you're going to be exhausted for a while with a newborn, you might as well be slightly more exhausted and do it half as many times, right?

Oh, and for the record - I would never name a child after Jane Austen's Emma. Of all the Austen heroines, she might be my least favorite. Anyway, just say a quick prayer that I make it through finals without totally losing all common sense and normal functioning ability, okay? And if you happen to understand implied reciprocal negative easements, shoot me an email. :o)

What's the weirdest dream you've had recently?


  1. Oh gosh!! I always have super weird, detailed dreams like that. Saturday night I dreamt that my parents had a baby. They named him Jason Grey (no idea where that name came from) and he looked like my youngest brother. And I remember acknowledging in my dream that it is SO weird that I'm 27 years older than my youngest sibling...super weird!!

    But for the record I AM 17 years older than my youngest sibling, haha.

  2. so i thought i had already commented this post but i guess not:(

    first off, your dream cracked me up! i haven't had dreams like that before i usually have scary dreams or dream about stuff related to what i'm studying.. when i had to teach my first lesson in front of my supervisor i was teaching area of a circle.. yeah i definitely dreamed about circles for 2 nights straight!

    btw you're going to do amazing on your finals!
    and as always your posts ALWAYS make my days soo much better.. for example these past couple of days i've been studying your posts put a smile on my face and are a great study break:) i love youuu and good luck with your finals!!

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  4. what a funny dream! when i dream about babies, we always have a daughter named grace. it's weird. i hope finals are going well!

  5. Hey girl! Saw you were coming to the meet up!! Where do you go to law school? I applied to South Texas and previously withdrew from New England Law a couple of years ago to move down here.