Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Recap

So it's been a while since Easter, and I'm just now posting about it. Excuse: I was in finals-studying mode during Easter, and I've only emerged from that state as of Thursday evening.

Now that finals are over, I can catch up on some of the things I failed to fully appreciate over the last few weeks, like Easter! We were once again able to fit in some quality time with both of our families on Easter, and we even saw both sets of my grandparents! Last Easter we drove back and forth between our parents houses all day, but this year we were able to just spend the first half of the day with my family and the second half with Jeff's family (much easier than last year, which we affectionately refer to as "Ping Pong Ball Easter").

My family <3

With my sisters! I got to wear my new wrap dress from Banana Republic and my almost-wedding-shoes!

We were super excited this year about Easter because a bunch of my aunts and uncles and cousins from Dallas, as well as all my grandparents, came into town! With all the kids here to visit, we got to have a big Easter egg hunt:

everyone all ready to go...

Sara grabbing eggs!

sooo cute!

isn't that dress adorable?

Poor Sophia, she was losing her dress. Haha.

Karoline dominated in the egg hunt. Haha.

Run, Sydney, run!

Everyone sorting through their candy!

My mom cooked a wonderful Easter lunch, and I got to bring dessert - Citrus Poppyseed Cake! I'll post the recipe to the blog sometime soon.


We had a lovely dinner with Jeff's family, but I don't have photos of that! I've got to get better at documenting family events... there are just always too many exciting things to do and I forget to grab my camera! 

Happy (very belated) Easter!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! What a lovely family!

  2. your little cousins are so adorable!

    p.s. i totally feel ya with the ping ping holiday thing. having both families in not only the same city, but the same suburb definitely has its ups and downs!