Monday, May 23, 2011

A Couples Shower for Kristen and Dan!

Last weekend we attended a couples shower for our friends Kristen and Dan, who are getting married in just a few weeks (I'm the MOH for their wedding)! [Sidenote: yes, I'm aware that I'm a week late on posting this, and yes - I know you're all waiting for house updates, and I'm working on it!] The shower was hosted by Dan's sisters, their husbands, and one of his sister's in-laws. It was a perfect evening weather-wise, and the whole shower took place in their gorgeous (and huge!) backyard!

Dan, Kristen's brother, and Kristen - all hanging out by the firepit!

SO excited about the multitude of gifts! Haha.

Lovely cake ball table! Yum!

Time for gifts! That big one by Kristen was wrapped in a tablecloth - great idea for wrapping, right? 

We got them each their own present: a set of Irish coffee mugs and three Crate & Barrel vases for Kristen, and a rotating liquor dispenser for Dan. They were both happy. :o)

The least fun part of any shower - loading up the car for the drive home!

Me with my good friend April (another bridesmaid)

Me, April, and Kristen - best friends since the first week of freshman year!

Hugs from the Best Man!

Kristen and Dan with the hosts and hostesses

It was such a fun party, and I really enjoyed getting to meet some more of Dan's family. We're so excited for Kristen and Dan!

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