Thursday, May 19, 2011

Appliances and a Door!

The builder threw in a stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and oven/gas range as part of our house purchase, but until just recently the kitchen looked like this:

Lots of gaping holes for appliances!

Being a person who enjoys cooking and baking a lot, I was kind of uncomfortable with buying the house without seeing the appliances. I asked a lot of questions, and the most anyone would tell me was that they were definitely stainless steel, and definitely GE. But, in the end I decided that whatever they were, I was going to like them because I don't have to buy them. Haha! I did a lot of perusing the GE website trying to guess which appliances would be installed.

The builder waited until the last minute to put them in (apparently it's some sort of burglary risk to have the appliances in an uninhabited house), but today they're here! Jeff went by on his lunch break to take a peek, but he could only take photos through the windows.

I was really curious about whether or not the fridge would have a water dispenser... it does!

Microwave and stove/oven!

You can see the dishwasher peeking out from behind the island!

The house also just got it's new front door! They saved the front door for last too because they change the locks when they put on the door. Did you notice that the house used to have just a giant piece of wood painted brown for a door?

The most beautiful door in the whole wide world. Not.

The door thing was also really weird for me because they kept telling me "it's a dark brown door with a glass window," but I wanted to know what shade of dark brown and what the glass window looked like! We walked through the neighborhood one day and looked at all the neighbor's doors trying to guess what ours would look like. Luckily, our door is the same as one of the neighbors' doors that I really liked!

I can't wait to put a cute little doormat in front of that pretty door!

We're getting SO close to being homeowners! One more day!


  1. I love your door and your appliances! Our house has white appliances--which I hate! We're planning on switching them out with stainless as they break. (The dishwasher is already switched!)

  2. Everything is so nice! Those appliances are PERFECT for someone who loves to bake and cook! Congratulations!