Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I put up our Easter decor the other day, and I thought I'd take some photos to share (you know, since I tend to do that for every single holiday. Haha!).

I love this wall in the kitchen. I hang seasonal things there a lot of the time, and it just makes me happy to see them while I'm cooking!

These were going to go on our kitchen table as a centerpiece, but then I went and fell in love with the random stuff I had on the table and couldn't bear to move it. So they went on the cabinet by the piano.

Normally I don't really go for small little knick-knack things, but I just think this little bunny is adorable! She's so proud of her wheel barrel of eggs!

More bunnies!

Isn't this guy cute? I had the genius idea to sit him with his legs crossed this year, and I'm loving it. 

Oh, and while I'm at it - I don't think I showed you our St. Patty's Day decor (the teeny tiny amount of it that there was)...

This was that same spot in the kitchen... love that wall!

These were a great Marshalls HomeGoods find!

That's it! That's all the stuff I had for St. Patty's Day. BUT, I happened to be in Hobby Lobby last Tuesday when they marked the St. Patrick's Day stuff down to 90% off, so I invested $3.50 on a few things for next year! Oh, and I got a shamrock-shaped metal cookie cutter for 10 cents. It was awesome.

Anybody else decorating for Spring and Easter?


  1. Cute decorations! I love Easter!

  2. I decorate for every holiday too! I am waiting until after my shoer this weekend and then all the decor will go up :)

  3. Such cute decorations! We never put anything up for anything except Christmas, so I'm a little jealous!

  4. I love your decorations! I don't decorate for things like that, but seeing what everyone else does makes me want to!

  5. I love decorating for the holidays. Currently, I just have up our Easter Tree. Only b/c I'm too lazy to put up the rest of the decorations.

  6. man, i really need to get working on collecting seasonal decor! yours is so, so cute!